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Dec 17, 2007 02:42 PM

Homemade soups in Chicago

Wondering if there were any suggestions for restaurants that serve great homemade soup, I have tried The soup bowl on Broadway but found it to be not as great as I was hoping. I love Als Deli in Evanston on Noyes street, they have amazing soups and sandwiches, but I live downtown and was hoping to find something similar in the city...

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  1. Nordstrom Cafe has great soups. They have a tomato soup every day and the other soup changes daily.

    1. The best "rotating lineup" of true homemade soup in Chicago or Skokie is at The Bagel:

      The bagel
      3107 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60657

      1. Athenian Room at Webster and Halsted serves up some amazing soups. The navy bean or the avgolemeno are excellent. Also try the greek chicken as it is arguably one of the best period! Very lemony with crispy skin. Mmmm tasty!

        Great soup all over Greektown too...Santorini, Rodity's, Tempo Restaurant on State as well.

        Family owned and run Fernando's on Lincoln Avenue just north of Roscoe serves up some of the tastiest Chicken soup ever! The son owns and runs Blue Agave downtown where they serve a similar version although not nearly as good as at Fernando's.

        Sunshine Cafe on Clark Street in Edgewater has several outstanding Japanese soups!

        The Walnut Room: I recall a very good wild rice chicken soup there several years ago when it was still part of Marshall Fields. Not sure how the soup or the rest of the menu are lately.

        Opart Thai on Western at Lincoln has an outstanding Tom Yum Kai soup. Served in a hot tereen made for four people.


          There are like 3-4 around chicago, you can ask to taste a soup before you buy it.

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            Wow, their list of soups reads like a recipe book... I'm in the Roselle/Schaumburg area, but they offer enough for me to make a special trip in the next week or two. I love soups, but only Panera has them easily/quickly available in the suburbs. If you're there, the Parisian Chicken is their newest and best (I couldn't make it better at home, to be honest). Anyways, SoupBox, here I come...

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              ponte fresco in 205 N. Michigan building.

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                let me begin by saying that i love soupbox's chicken & wild rice (signature) soup. that being said, i do find most of their other soups to be a bit undersalted (easy to remedy!) and the beef they use for their beef stew to be a bit stringy. for the same price i typically prefer the soups from the bar at whole foods on huron. they have those at some of the suburban locations too!

                i would love to hear about more organic or fancy artisinal-ingredient-using soup spots if there are any around.

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                i can't wait to try that now....i love soup.....

              3. I agree with Nordstrom cafe. Best tomato basil soup! Fox and Obel Market (401 E. Illinois St) is a very very close second. They also have a variety of soups that change depending on the day.