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Dec 17, 2007 02:42 PM

looking for a chinese lobster buffet

Hi. I need help looking for a Chinese buffet that I went to about a year ago but forgot its name. I didn't drive so I also forgot it's location but I know it was 30-60mins outside Boston but still in MA. I can remember the building was very grander like a Chinese castle with lion statues at the entrance. It also sat on a hill or was overlooking a hill, I forgot. The food was great, lots of selection including lobster, dungeness crab, sushi, oyster and Mongolian grill. It was also not that pricey i think about 30$. I was also there for dinner. I would like to visit it again but don't remember the name. If anyone can help me out that'd be great.

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  1. That is Jin Buffet in Saugus, however the 1 time (once was enough) i went i found the food to be horrible and the lobster practically nonexistant.

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      I agree, it sounds like Jin Buffet in Saugus. I was there a few months ago and the price was about $25.

      I'm more open to Jin than hargau. I'd rank the overall quality of the food to be a B/B-. Yes, there is ginger lobster - but you have to always be on the lookout for when they refill the tray. Reasonable Peking duck and sushi. Pretty good walnut shrimp.

      It's not an epicurean destination, but a decent value for an occasional buffet binge.

      1. re: CambridgeFoodie

        I much prefer the smaller/cheaper and way better food at any of the Bamboo locations. They have a Sunday night only buffet that has ginger lobster, shrimp, lots of sushi, 3-4 dim sum type items, veggie tempura and most of the standard americanized apps/entrees you would expect to find.

        1. re: hargau

          hargau where exactly are the Bamboo locations you speak of? Is one in Bedford, for instance?

          1. re: Gio

            I have not been to the Bedford one but yes there is one there. I go to the Westford one. They also have it at the Mandarin in Reading (same company)

            1. re: hargau

              Thank you!!! Gotta check it out.... Reading is closer, though.

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                Hargau -- I have mentioned this a couple of times when Bamboo gets mentioned for lobster ont he buffet. The Bedford Bamboo Sunday buffet did have ginger lobster in the past, but the last time I went (September timeframe) it did not. Have you been recently to the Westford one?

                Jin changed the buffet to only Sundays, they also experimented with running night clubs but that has brought some attention from the liquor commission (when they bought the Palace's license, they insisted it would only operate as a restaurant). In any case, we both had similar reviews of their buffet. Interesting before they opened the buffet their a la carte Dim Sum was pretty good -- not perfect and limited options, but on a similar level with China Pearl, but on the buffet it was all over-steamed.

                1. re: itaunas

                  Actually i have never been to any bamboo other then westford and they have always had the lobster on the sunday night dinner buffet. I have been easily 50 times over the past 5 years. Last time was about 3 weeks ago.

                  I didnt realize the other locations were not the same, i will note this next time i mention it.

                  1. re: hargau

                    When I went in roughly March they had it on the Sunday buffet, but not on the last visit and I haven't seen any other updates here. I have some friends who love buffets, so will probably hit it again sometime but not sure when.

                    1. re: itaunas

                      Im curious if they just ran out that night or something happened to the shipment or something. Seems odd that different locations would vary it.

                      At Westford my 2 favorite things are the S&P shrimp and the ginger lobster. Some nights i only eat those 2 things! But everything else is always good too

      2. Have not been but your description sounds like Kowloon in Saugus.

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          thanks guys
          i'm a new user and first impression is u guys rock

          1. re: foodaddict1

            I found my long post about my trip to Jin about a year ago.

            1. re: hargau

              Great informative review thanks. Although most chinese buffet complaints are cold food but i find myself more understanding of that fact because well for buffets it's hard to keep everything fresh. But anyways do you happen to know any other buffets with lobster or Dungeness crab?

              1. re: foodaddict1

                I know that you are interested in lobster in a buffet...but how about considering Jumbo Seafood's 19.99 twin lobster deal? That's a lot of lobster at a great price. No need to hover with others hoping for lobster. And its specially made for you at one of the best Chinese restaurants in Boston.

                Just a thought.

                1. re: CambridgeFoodie

                  Thanks for the suggestion. I would definitely consider it for times when I don't necessarily want to gourd myself. But not to sound offensive to the food connoisseurs, I like buffets for their variety so sometimes I can overlook the fact that it might not be superb quality. I dont know, does anyone else feel the same way I do?

                2. re: foodaddict1

                  Hudson Super buffet has snow crab legs and dungeness crab ( i think thats what it is- split whole medium sized crabs) as well as oysters/clams/tons of shrimp and some sushi. This is every night and all day sunday.

                  Bamboo as i mentioned before has lobster on sunday nights only.

                  Not sure of any others.