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Dec 17, 2007 02:27 PM

Best kosher supermarket?

I'm a personal chef, and as such, I spend a lot of time buying groceries! I live in Passaic, NJ but have clients around and about the NY/NJ metro area. I'm looking for your votes on overall best supermarket according to the following qualifications:
1. Quality of fresh meat/variety of heckshers (I don't use Rubashkins and prefer to use organic such as David Elliot/Wise)
2. Competitive prices
3. Selection of organic produce (the kosher supermarkets around me don't seem to get Organic yet, and Whole Foods doesn't seem to get Kosher yet!)
4. Accessibility, easy parking, overall shopping experience.

THANKS FOR YOUR HELP, chowhounders!


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  1. While not entirely kosher, I would recommend Fairway in NYC, which carries organic kosher meat and produce. The selection for kosher items is best at the B'way and 74th street location, but if you are looking at ease of parking, the 132nd street store may be for better you (but I think there is far more organic and kosher stuff on 74th). Fairway's prices are quite competitive for many items.

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    1. re: Kosher Critic

      Thanks for your input, Critic. I have a potential client in Riverdale, and they get their stuff from FreshDirect and the Harlem Fairway. I thought this was a bit far to go for groceries from Riverdale, but from what you are saying, that makes sense. I used to live on 75th & Columbus, I am familiar with that Fairway, and definitely wouldn't want to kill myself parking in that neighborhood!

      1. re: rebeccafriedman

        My recollection is that the Harlem Fairway had a much larger meat department than the UWS Fairway. Appareltly, the Red Hook Fairway is even better.

        The new Supersol is pretty good but parking is hit or miss.

        Whole Foods has organic kosher chicken almost always. Not sure what the problem with organic produce from there would be.

        1. re: DeisCane


          No problem with Whole Foods (other than exorbitant prices!) in terms of produce... their Kosher selections are limited, though, so it is not a one-stop-shopping experience, as I mentioned in the original post. Thanks for your post!

          1. re: rebeccafriedman

            FYI They are opening a Fairway in Paramus, NJ...

    2. Brach's in the 5 towns. Great prices, huge selection, huge store, lots of FREE parking.

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      1. re: MartyB

        I like the free parking parking at Brachts, but I find the meat dept at Gourmet Glatt to be much better

        1. re: berel

          Overall the "shopping experience" is much better at Brach's.

          (1) Better parking (no feed the meters and getting those annoying tickets because you don't happen to have a quarter in your pocket)

          (2)Wider isles

          (3)Cheaper prices. Gourmet Glatt has lots of annoying "2 for $x", but I only need 1! If Brach's has "2 for $3" and you buy only but 1, you will be charged $1.50. In categories like fruits and vegetables, prices are MUCH cheaper.

          1. re: MartyB

            I agree Brachts has great prices on their fruits and veggies

            1. re: berel

              As much as I despise Supersol of Lawrence (their prices most of the times are nuts), I do keep an eye on their meat prices. Someimes they have real good deals. As an example, this week they have -

              (1) Chcken $1.39lb (!) (Brach's is asking $2+, don't know what Gourmet charges)
              (2)Chicken breasts $1.79lb (!) (Family pack) (Brach's, at last visit was charging $2.79)
              (3)Top of the rib $4.99lb
              (4)Rib steak $7.99lb (family pack)

              ... to name a few.


              Since I usually like to shop at one store only, I go only to Brach's and will on occasions (like this week) go to Supersol for their meat specials (and only for those).

              1. re: MartyB

                If I develop a client base in LI that would be worth it, I suppose, as those meat prices are great. Do they have anything organic in the meat dept.??

                1. re: rebeccafriedman

                  I am not into "organic" meats (to me all meats are organic), but the last time I went to Brach's (this past Friday) they had a section with a variety of what was labeled as organic cuts of meat.

                  1. re: MartyB

                    As far as I'm concerned everything that we eat is organic except salt and water.

          2. re: berel

            Did most of my pesach shopping tonight, Brachs was a disappointment as to chicken prices. I should have done my homework. Brachs was asking $2.59 a pound for chicken, a nice increase "lekovod yom tov". When I went to Yossi's Grill for dinner, I figured I would step into Gourmet Glatt since it is a few steps away - Gourmet was asking $1.89 a pound.

            Gourmet Glatt is becoming a real nice store, if only they would stop those infernal 2 for $x price nonsense. Brachs also has those pricing, but if you only buy one you are only charged half. Gourmet Glatt is much more on top of their inventory and rarely runs out of anything. Brachs, a lot of times, I have to tell them do reorder an item that they run out of.

            Now if only Gourmet Glatt could cut a deal with the town of Cedarhurst to get rid of those annoying parking meters it would put them on equal footing with Brachs.

            Anyway, competition is grand and the consumer benefits.

            1. re: MartyB

              all around I prefer Gourmet glatt for meat, the prices, the freshness the cuts of meat. For Fridat night we get a minute roast cut in half the long way so that the grizelle in the middle can be removed. Marinate it overnight in sesame teriyaki sauce and the BBQ it on a high gas setting Friday afternoon be for Shabbos. delicous

              1. re: berel

                As much as I am a fan of Brachs and hate to shop in more than one store. I believe that I will be changing my shopping habit just a tad to now buy everything but meats from Barchs. They are on the expensive side and are not agressive as to offer much sales in their meat department. I will shop at Gourmet Glatt for my meats except for the meat items that Supersol has on sale since they have some real lowball prices that almost nobody, even in Brooklyn can touch. As an example they are selling chicken cutlets, kosher for pesach, for $2.99lb frozen $3.49 fresh! . Gourmet has it for $3.89 . and Brachs has it for $3.99

                1. re: MartyB

                  the sad part is, when Brachts first opened their meats were great and priced right. Between the one stop shopping and the free available parking we were doing all our shopping at Brachts. once the meat quality and prices started to detioriate we were splitting time btw Brachts and Gourmet Glatt (I don't care how cheap Supersols meat is, I'll never bother with those muni-meters). as my wife works in Cedrrhurst it's no problem for her to go to Gourmet glatt

                  1. re: MartyB

                    " I heard on this board a rumor that Supersol will move to the KeyFood location in Woodmere. "

                    It's not a rumor, it's a fact (I'm the one who posted it here previously)

                    I've sent email to the mayor of lawrence saying I will not shop in lawrence as long as they have that muni-meter sytem

        2. If you're looking specifically for organic products, Trader Joes is probably your best bet. Not everything there is kosher and not everything there is organic but a lot of it is one or the other, and much of it is both. (The prices are a bit better than Whole Foods, too. There's a Trader Joe's in Union Square (no parking) and one in Hewlett in the Five Towns (free parking lot in the back). Not sure about NJ but I bet they have a store locator on the Web.

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          1. re: LI Guy

            I find whole foods does have lots of kosher products.

            1. re: LI Guy

              There is now a Trader Joe's in Queens as well --- corner of Metropolitan and Woodhaven.

              1. re: LI Guy

                I have heard good things about the TJs in NJ - one on Route 17 - but have not gotten there yet. However, a client had GREAT feta cheese purchased there, best I have ever tasted Kosher, and it was about $6/lb. So I will have to check it out - thanks for the reminder!

                1. re: rebeccafriedman

                  Supersol in the Five Towns was mentioned as a source for kosher meat. Many people do not find Supersol to be very clean. While their kashrus is reliable, their cleanliness is less than reliable.

              2. wesley kosher in monsey. great selection, an aisle of organic and health food products, and great friendly service-prices competitive.

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                1. re: 4greatkds

                  4Great -

                  I did shop there a bit this summer when we were staying in Monsey... a nice store, absolutely.

                2. No place in Brooklyn fits the bill.

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                  1. re: curly0114

                    The Red Hook Fairway is probably the closest fit. Kosher bakery, meat, organic produce, not too expensive, huge parking lot.

                    1. re: curly0114

                      Brooklyn is probably the place you'll find the best quality foodstuffs but not sure about the pricing.I use mostly organic products in my cooking and I cook every night for my family of 7. The best fruit organic or not in brooklyn is by far Ouri's on ave U and east 3rd st. The prices are high but totally worth it.You would have to explain to someone that you need personal help because there are no prices posted because they change according to the market that day.Do not go on Thursday or day before holiday,too crowded. You'll also find extremely beautiful and unusual produce as well. For great meat, fish (organic & not) try I& D Glatt in Ave P bt.east 3rd & 4th st. There's an Associated market next door that has 99% of its items kosher.Plenty of organic & natural products as well as hard to find kosher ingredients (huge selection of middle eastern products due to the sephardic population. If you make it to ave P also stop in Kitchen Caboodles.It's a gourmet kitchen store that stocks totally cool things.They also have some very interesting ingredients for anyone who can or can not bake or cook.They even have a mikveh on site.Brooklyn rocks but quality doesn't come cheap. I forgot to mention that afriut store just opened on Ave P near I & D glatt and the Associated I mentioned earlier. Ave P just might be the one stop shopping you asked for. Parking is dependant on alternate side but there are plenty of meters. Don't go on thursdays is possible! Meter maids are at a 2 to 1 ratio on those days!!!

                      1. re: knowitall2

                        You mention Ouri's on Avenue U for good but expensive fruit. I hope to check it out, as I have a hard time finding really nice fruit. Do you or anyone else know if it's as expensive as The Orchard on Coney Island Avenue bet. J & K? That place is really exorbitant.

                        1. re: Bzdhkap

                          I can honestly say that some of his things may be priced like the orchard but if you introduce yourself as a caterer or personal chef, Ouri himself might be more helpful to you in the price department. Also the later in the day you go the better. They try to get rid of most of their stuff every day hence they have the freshest produce that lasts very long. (longer than the orchard) I live near the orchard but still shop at Ouri's. If he's not around speak to elan, gilly, or tal. those are his sons but Ouri himself is easier swayed. Good Luck and try ave P if you have time. its worth it.

                          1. re: Bzdhkap

                            Hi Again,
                            I need to clarify some things I wrote about Ouris fruit store.I haven't been there in a couple of months (I have been ordering over the phone). Since my last vist they have now posted their prices and I have now realized that they are definately cheaper than the orchard. The store is really beautiful and thats because their friuts and veggies are so abundant in color. The store itself is generic to say the least but then again its the produce you want.Ouri's moves to the jersey shore (deal) during the summer so call before you go.718-645-0200.

                            1. re: knowitall2

                              Thanks for the info. I look forward to checking them out after Pesach. Won't get there before, as I don't live in Brooklyn.