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Jul 4, 2000 05:41 PM

fish at the beach

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Would you all share recommendations for fish at the beach? My ideal is cheap, fresh, plain, and outdoors. Oh, and tonight. Which eliminates Malibu Fish and Seafood, which I was tempted to try following Meredith Brody's review this week, but they close at 6 today. Anyone else know this place?

Thanks, and happy 4th.

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  1. Neptune's Net on the Malibu/Ventura border is just great. They're right across the street from the beach, all seating is on outdoor tables, and you can order fresh seafood and corn steamed to perfection on one side of the restaurant, or an arteries' nightmare worth of deliciously fried seafood on the other. Either way you go, it's delicious and fresh and relatively cheap and outdoors as you requested. Enjoy! Sorry this is a little late for the fourth. I still think you should check it out.

    1. There is an amazing fish place across from Topanga beach on PCH, north of Santa Monica called THE REEL INN. it is casual but with a great atmosphere.