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Dec 17, 2007 02:20 PM

Buffet Yangtze - Deerfoot Mall

My work has decided to have the Christmas dinner here this year - Not really my sort of place as far as I can tell. Has anyone eaten here - how's the food, anything stand out more then others? Should I just opt out of the dinner this year? ;-) I'm a a little worried about eating at a chinese buffet because I'm not supposed to eat wheat.. wish we luck.

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  1. I was at the previous incarnation of Buffet Yangtze... so im not sure how much it has changed. If it was me, and it wouldn't be considered an insult, i would opt out :)

    Please be especially careful if you arent supposed to eat wheat (is it gluten? or just wheat?). Chinese use a lot of flours and corn starches as thickening agents, breading agents, etc. And im guessing the staff would have no idea what actually had wheat in it, and what didnt.

    1. Kalfalfa whatever happened to your office Christmas dinner at Buffet Yangtze? I'm curious because we've been to one of the previous incarnations of the resto as well some years ago(it seems to change names annually)...the experience was so negative that we put it on the "DNR" list. And in Calgary that buffet is number one of only two places that made us think "do not return." I'm wondering if we should give the place a second chance.

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        maplesugar- was this negative experience when it was "foodie goodie"?

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          I replied yesterday but I think for whatever reason my post was removed. I believe it was "foodie goodie" John, but I'm not was BC (before children) so it was 6-7 years ago now.