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Dec 17, 2007 02:19 PM

which nyc kosher restaurants open on dec 24 /25th?

will be in nyc at this time. looking for recommendations for a nice glatt kosher restaurant that will be open on these days.

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  1. practically all of them will be open through Xmas.
    as a matter of fact, one of the best days to go
    shopping in Borough Park will be on Xmas day!
    NYC and it's suburbs are not subject to Blue laws.

    you are better off specifying what type of cuisine,
    price range, and area of the city you wish to dine.

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      1. re: DeisCane

        I think blue laws only apply to Sunday only and not to restaurants

      1. recommedations for glatt kosher restaurant in midtown, upper east side, or upper west side. would like a nice place for a moderately priced meal. looking for a cuisine that has a variety of unique chicken (and beef) dishes. my dining group is not big on steak.

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        1. re: inky

          Depends how moderately priced you want. And how "nice". For the low end, I'd recommend Mr Broadway, which has a very large menu so everyone is likely to find something they like. And it's got plenty of room. For the upper end, how about Mike's Bistro? It's not cheap, but not exorbitant. In the middle, Colbeh; persian food, no steaks. Or Olympic, Israeli grilled meats, steak optional.

        2. you may want to call ahead tomorrow (12/24) as many of the midtown restaurants service the nearby Jewish-employing businesses, which for the most part will be "on holiday".

          my friend went to my most favorite on thanksgiving, and told me that because the place was "dead" the waiter told them that they had a limited menu, and they closed earlier than usual.