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Dec 17, 2007 01:33 PM

Best Brunch In Portland

I need suggestions! Thanks! :)

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  1. Sat & Sun - Podnah's (NE Prescott and 15th) - best smoked trout hash I've had anywhere, great eggs/ham/biscuit/grits plate

    Sun only - Simpatica (SE Ash betw. 8th & 9th) - everything is good, esp. fried chicken & waffles and the strata (if they have it)

    1. If hedonism is what you're after, the London Grill at the Benson is rediculously opulent. Everything you could imagine and more. The desserts alone take up more space than most buffets.

      1. The Cricket Cafe is literally the best brunch Ive had in the nation! I love love love it!

        1. There are hundreds of amazing brunch spots in Portland (almost all in Southeast), but every one of them is packed to the gills on a weekend. I used to get together with coworkers one Monday morning a month for breakfast just to avoid that problem.

          Genie's is one of those rare places that is both amazing and overrated (sadly, they stopped making the astounding hashbrown-potato-pancake-things). The Doug Fir is a good standard brunch with some nice twists in a fun, hip Ikea-meets-National Park space (though the hollandaise isn't my favorite). Junior's is a little less well-known, so there may be less of a wait, without being any less great. If you're in Northwest, Meriwether's is quite good (and about the only brunch spot in that part of town). Stepping Stone Cafe in NW is really damn good, but you have to expect both a line and the kind of service that comes with the motto, "you eat here because we let you." The recommendation for Cricket Cafe is worth seconding. Beaterville is a lot of fun, and way off in the wilds of North Portland. But I think the level of competition is so high that it's almost hard to get a bad brunch in Portland.

          1. I second the Simpatica rec, but get there either before 9 or after 10, there is literally a line out front before they open most weekends.

            I also love Bijou at 132 SW 3rd Ave — more of a breakfast/lunch diner, but so friendly and delicious. They even make their own ketchup. Yum.