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Dec 17, 2007 01:04 PM

Sunday night reservation...

I have a reservation on a Sunday night at Babbo. Is there a chance of a less than great experience because it is a Sunday night? I know in the business that is usually a night many key people take off. Any Sunday night experiences anyone can share?

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  1. I think that the food and service is pretty comparible no matter what. I'd say it will be up to par with every other night at Babbo--- amazing.

    1. We haven't been to Babbo, but we often have dinner out on Sunday evenings, including at upscale restaurants. Even if a "key" person, like the executive chef, may be off, there is still a very competent person, either the chef de cuisine or the sous chef, running the kitchen. As for foh staff, they probably rotate days off. From our experiences, we have not found any diminution in the quality of the cuisine or the standard of service on Sundays as compared to when we dine mid-week in those same restaurants. And, in fact, I think you can have a better, more relaxing experience on a Sunday than, say, on a Saturday, when a restaurant is slammed.

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        Agreed. And another way of putting it is when you go to really well-known restaurants, they are always booked with tourists and business dinners many nights other than Sundays - when most people are on their home turf. On Sundays, that's the night of the week that I love to get reservations to places I'm dying to try cause when they aren't booked solid.

        Anything is great on Sunday's. Except maybe sushi restaurants. :-)

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          Thanks RGR and doona. I agree that on weekend nights like Friday and Saturday the pressure of doing the larger numbers affects the quality over a week night. Now I'm excited about Sunday night.