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Dec 17, 2007 12:42 PM

Guava in Boston?

I was looking for a store that sells Guava fruits. Preferably fresh ones.
Does anyone know of a place for that?


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  1. I've seen them at Russo's in Watertown.

    1. You didn't specify where? When in season Market Basket in at least Somerville and Chelsea regularly carry it, as well as nearby specialty markets (La Internacional, La Sultana...). I haven't seen them since October, but there is a mid-winter crop. Quality and ripeness of the fresh crop varies, you really should get them ripe off the tree not after 2 months in transport. Frozen guava pulp is available, La Internacional carries it, as do some Shaws markets (look for Goya pulps). There also is a Brazilian pulp which is imported and used at Bakeries and Cafes (in Union Sq Casa de Carne carries it, but you could also ask at a Brazilian bakery such as on Harvard in Allston). Brazilian juice concentrate is even more available and can be used in desserts. Lastly its worth keeping your eye out for a "goiabada cascao" from smaller producers in Brazilian markets, its a harder guava paste which can be sliced and eaten with cheese.

      1. They had them at Super 88 in Allston in October. I picked up a couple, but they were pricey and of so-so quality.

        1. I saw some at Market Basket in Somerville yesterday. $5 per lb.

          1. I've also seen them at Kam Man in Quincy. If that's too far, you can find them on occasion in the larger Chinese supermarkets.