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Dec 17, 2007 12:38 PM

Terrine Help Needed

I don't know if this question belongs here or in cookware. It's sort of a hybrid.

I'd like to make a terrine from Martha's Hors d'Oeurves Handbook, but I can't seem to find a terrine mold. I've checked WS, PB, & C&B. Sur la Table has a le Creuset one for $120. Which is too rich for my blood.

Does anyone know of something that would work as a substitute? I bet a cocktail bread loaf pan would do the trick, but i can't seem to find one of those either.

In the alternative, does anyone have a recipe that would work in a standard or mini loaf pan keeping in mind that I'll have to cut each slice into quarters to get it hors d'oeurve sized?

Thanks all.

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  1. I make mine in either a standard Pyrex loaf pan or mini loaf pan all the time. The standard loaf pan exactly fits the brick I use to weight it when it comes out of the oven. If you want the recipe just let me know.

    1. I've seen terrines at Sur le Table, but I don't really know what size you need. Here's a broad selection:

      1. I got that Le Creuset ages ago on sale and never regretted it. I have several others made of porcelain, tinned steel, and heavy aluminum. There's no reason why you can't use something like a regular loaf pan or even disposable ones from the supermarket. I used small ones one year for gift terrines and just adjusted the time for my regular "house recipe."
        I even used a metal drywall compound tray once, the type used for taping seams. From the hardware store. Lined with aluminum foil. For a big terrine for a party. Worked great.

        1. I bought my terrine at Bridge Kitchenware for $40. It's collapsible so you can easily slice and serve.

          1. If you have time to mail order, Fantes has at least three that might be suitable. They have the fold down sides. Range in price from about $18 to $45.
            The only problem I've had with those is with terrines using aspics because they leaked a bit. And they are a PITA to clean. But they make a very nice shape.
            Make sure you have a serving plate appropriate to unmold the long, skinny terrine.