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Dec 17, 2007 12:23 PM

Atlantis Paradise Island

Thought Breezes didn't sound so intreaging after all, so going to ask any Hounds if they have been to Atlantis or know anything either way about it. Going in July for a wedding.

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  1. Was in Atlantis about a year and a half ago.... The accommodations, pools, atmosphere, etc. were wonderful. The food, however, was an expensive disappointment. The only meal I enjoyed was the breakfast buffet at the far end of the Royal Towers (Marketplace). We also ate at several of the "dinner" places including the Cafe at the Great Hall of Waters. As I said, it's been a while since we stayed there, but the food was definitely the worst part; we truly loved everything else about our stay.

    1. was there in 2006 - there was a great little place on the water right near the bridge from nassau to paradise - it was the green parrot: not fancy but the food was great and the atmosphere nice, too. the food is a price you can afford without emptying your bank acct - unlike ALL other places there!

      1. The food at Atlantis is horrible -- pedestrian, at best. Leave the resort and head over to the One and Only for all your meals!

        1. Mesa Grill (Bobby Flay's) at the Cove at Atlantis is fabulous. Definitely worth checking out.

          1. I would stay away from anything in Mariner Village – unless you want to check out Café Martinique. The food is way over priced and not particularly memorable. Food along the main road adjacent to Mariner Village is equally unimpressive, but less expensive. Food within the resort is basic resort food. Having said that, over in the Coves at Atlantis is Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill. Wonderful! Nobu, in the Royal Towers, underwhelmed me, though. Dune, over at Ocean Club is overpriced, but wonderful setting – great for brunch.

            Unfortunately, the Green Parrot on PI is now gone - they've moved to Nassau west of the PI bridge. Talk about them below. Zio Gigi’s in Hurricane Hole is really good though. We love the pizzas, contrary to what others have said. It’s the best we have here. The thin crusts are perfect, and we usually build our own – We start with a Margherita Pizza, then add Speck, Roasted Red Peppers, Grilled Onions, Spinach, and Goat Cheese…..mmmmmmmm. The toppings really make it. The Gamberi Zuchinni are also heavenly and luscious – very lightly breaded with a garlic aoli, accompanied by deep fried zuchinni string. Only problem is that it can be greasy at times. But, well, sometimes it’s also just perfect.

            Remember, here in the Bahamas, we have a small handful of really good restaurants. 15% gratuity is always added. If you are on Paradise Island and going through Mariner Village, the 15% is added on even at Starbucks, Haagen Daz, and other food outlets. Not so, though, if you are downtown.

            If you are on PI, you can easily get downtown by taking the water taxi for $6 per person return (although, you will likely also be expected to tip your “tour guide.”

            Downtown, there isn't much. Senor Frogs and Hard Rock Cafe are typical. Athena is only open until 4 pm, and we love going there - the sauteed octopus just melts in your mouth. Great place to have some octopus, fabulous hummus, and other Greek delicacies. They are upstairs on Bay Street.

            One of our favourites is Cafe Matisse on Bank Lane. They are downtown, but have a wonderful courtyard patio. The food is always wonderful and the ambience unequalled here in Nassau. Ask if there are any wines not on the menu – sometimes Greg keeps some good bottles that he has limited quantities of.

            Downtown, don’t bother with the Graycliff or the Churasarrio. Way overpriced, not worth it.

            Further down Bay Street toward the PI Bridge you will find Luciano's of Chicago - our second (and only other) decent restaurant on the water. Good Italian bread, decent wines, decent food.

            Just beyond is the new Green Parrot. The one on PI has now closed - such a shame! We loved the ambience there - sitting listening to live music on the weekends watching the big boats come in, sometimes with fresh catch. Food's cooked in a green trailer, and you always know what you'll get. The wings, burgers, and onion rings are abundant and delicious.

            Beyond the PI Bridge is the Poop Deck - this one is worth going to - different menu from the one out west, and nicer setting.

            Just under the PI return Bridge is Potter's Cay. Others have talked about Arawak Cay, and yes, that's always a fun place to go. Potter's Cay, though, is a lot more low key, a lot closer, and really, just as good. The local fisherman set up down there, and a lot of locals stop off for a snack after work. Conch fritters, conch chowder, conch salad, fresh fish. But, no cocktails, just beer.

            Hope this helps! Have fun!

            Cafe Matisse
            Zio Gigis

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              I meant that the food in Mariner Village is generally overpriced and not that memorable. It sounds like I meant Cafe Martinique, but I didn't. Food there is great, but overpriced. :-)

              1. re: Food on the brain

                There are 34 places to eat at Atlantis in Paradise Island, and the very best is Café Martinique located in the Marina Village area.

                You know that you have arrived at someplace special when you walk into the 10-foot high front door, and then into a grand glass-enclosed elevator for the one flight climb.

                The ambiance is exactly what we like, with the background piano and singer that are complementary to the elegance, without being overbearing.

                We had various items such as steak tartar, crab cakes, mango salad, Chateau Briand, grouper and lobster. All were outstanding and definitely worth the visit.

                Barry Shulman