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Jun 27, 2000 05:19 PM

HELP: IRVINE on Sunday? Mexican?

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Hi, I'll be needing to eat dinner with a group of 6 or so in Irvine this Sunday around 9PM; I'd like Mexican (only if it's GREAT, and not just a stand) but will take anything fantastic. IDEAS, please?

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  1. Hi, one of my favorite SoCal Mexican restaurants is El Cholo. The original, in LA, was established circa 1910 on Western near Wilshire. A second one is in La Habra. OK, to the point... there is a new one in Irvine! It may not have the great old-time ambiance, but what in Irvine does? If the menu is even close to the others, it's worth a visit- especially with a group. Don't have the contact info, but they're in the phone book. Everything is wonderful, but especially the green corn tamales, available only May-Sept. Oh yeah, IMHO the best margaritas anywhere. Call them about service hours- most Irvine places start rolling up the sidewalks around 9.