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70th b-day on Thursday...Please help!

It's my Dad's 70th on Thursday. I need some recs. on somewhere to make reservations.
My Dad doesn't want a big deal but my brother and I insisted on taking him somewhere nice. Here is the criteria...Delicous food. Classy place that is low key, quiet and comfortable. A spelcial place that my parents can sit back, relax, and have a memorable evening with their two sons. Price really isn't an issue, but it doesn't have to be Urusawa! Location can be...SFV, eastside/ hollywood, beverly hills. Italian is his favorite but he likes everything so if you can help me out, I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks in advance...

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  1. Seems like a terrific occasion for Spago in Beverly Hills.

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      Agree with Spago -- give him something to talk about that his friends will recognize and admire, especially if you see a star. For Italian -- If he knows and appreciates wine, Valentino. If he wants authentic pasta and other dishes, Angelini Osteria. If the key criteria are quiet, pampering, conversation, and fine food, you might want to choose La Cachette (where you still probably can get a good reservation). For a memorable occasion, has he ever been to the Getty? Is he mobile? Isn't the Restaurant at the Getty open on Thurs nights? Tram, walk, museum, restaurant with good food and an amazing view -- perhaps not foodie nirvana, but could be truly memorable.

    2. Il Tiramisu fits the bill in all respects the SFV (I reccomend it a lot www.il-tiramisu.com) As does Gio. Both are Italian

      Ca Del Sole is nice. My Mother likes Marmalade.

      IN Hollywood, I like Angeli Caffe for Itlaian. Great food, welcoming atmosphere, good prices. www.angelicaffe.com

      1. For Italian: All"Angelo on Melrose near La Brea or La Terza on 3rd & Orlando would be my recommendations for East of Beverly Hills. If you were willing to go farther West, I would add Valentino on Pico just a bit West of Centinela and Vincenti on San Vicente East of Bundy. For non-Italian, Grace on Beverly East of Fairfax, Ortolan on 3rd near Sweetzer or Providence on Melrose near Wilcox would be excellent choices.

        1. Agree that Grace fits the bill, if you decide not to go Italian.

          1. If you're willing to go to Santa Monica: Josie (American with French and farmer's market influences) and Melisse (French). Both meet your request for quiet, special, classy and delicious food.

            1. Vincenti in Brentwood would be my choice for this occasion. Excellent food and a sophisticated and quiet ambiance.

              1. For a 70th birthday, I would go to Jar. Absolutely. Without hesitation. Excellent, excellent food. Quiet, respectful. You can actually hear the people at your table talk, and cannot hear people at the nearby tables.

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                  JAR is wonderful on so many levels--it is still one of my top five favorites in town--but "quiet" is not the adjective that most readily springs to mind there. Well, except during the terrific Sunday brunch that too few people seem to be aware it offers.

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                    I also love JAR but it is extremely loud. Too loud for my hard-of-hearing stepmom. We can always hear the people at the nearby tables, sometimes better than we can hear ourselves!

                  2. Pane E Vino on Beverly Blvd at Sweetzer. Really nice patio, good food and relaxing

                    1. Check out the Dal Rae in Pico Rivera..long drive, but worth it. It is a supper house lost in time. Great food, wonderful ambiance, piano bar, everything the way it used to be, steamed clams, ceasar salad, bananas flambe all made table side. I would say it's perfect for a 70th birthday. http://www.dalrae.com/

                      1. I definitely second Josie. If Santa Monica isn't too far from you it is definitely worth the trip! It is classy, quite and always amazing food!

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                          third vote for josie...tho i've never been to jar.

                          for italian, valentino. i love the food at angelini osteria, but it's just too damn noisy in there. pane e vino is fine, but not really special enough for a 70th bday.

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                            Although far from the only thing Jar does well, if you like pot roast, you will love the version there--so good that even Moms and Grandmothers have been known to concede it to be better than their own. Not the traditional side dish but you might enjoy accompanying the pot roast with the Japanese purple yams.

                        2. Valentino (esp. if you opt for Italian)

                          Saddle Peak Lodge

                          The Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton, Huntington

                          Water Grill

                          1. If your Dad loves Italian, you should definitely celebrate his 70th at an Italian restaurant. I suggest La Botte or Valentiono--both in Santa Monica, very classy and excellent food.



                            1. What about Matteo's?

                              You know what I've tried recently that I've liked (although I tend to NOT like hotel restuarants?), The Tower Bar. It's not really a scene, and I enjoy the food. And, it seemed like every other table was celebrating something.

                              What about Dan Tana's? Can you EVER go wrong there? Or... Cut or Mastro's.

                              THE special occasion restaurant du jour has to be Melisse; but I don't know if you can actually "sit back" at Melisse.

                              If you were to put a gun to my head? I'll take Cut for $200, Alex.

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                                please don't ruin such a happy occasion by going to mastro's. the food is mediocre at best, the service is even worse, and the noise level is deafening.

                              2. I vote for La Terza. I ate there saturday night and was blown away. It is very low key and relaxing, has a great menu, is quiet enough and classy without being dead...would be a great evening.

                                1. I just mentioned GRACE on another post and I really think it fits the bill for what your are looking for too.
                                  Here is what I posted on the other thread:




                                  I would really go to GRACE.

                                  At GRACE, you can get amazing meats of all kinds...steaks, wild boar, venison, pork belly.
                                  You can also enjoy fish that is very high quality and presented beautifully with amazing goodies on the plate.

                                  I LOVE their sea urchin and rock shrimp risotto and the way they do scallops really knocks my socks off!
                                  The wine list is spectacular along with the room and the service...it's a grown up enough place without being stuffy but I would not say that it's "sedate"...the room has got a lively, respectable buss to it without being over noisy like some of the new places get complaints for recently.