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Dec 17, 2007 11:42 AM

Wolfgang's for Dinner?-MGM Detroit

Has anyone tried out dinner at Wolfgang's at the MGM in Detroit for Dinner?. Looking for a good place for a birthday dinner.

Casino’s(the gambling) are not a big draw for me. A good meal could make me change my mind.


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  1. I believe somone on this forum posted that they had lunch at Wolfgang Puck's recently, and thought it was good but not excellent.
    I have friends that went for dinner a couple weeks ago, and absolutely loved it. One of them particularly raved about the swordfish.
    I hope to try it soon. I've been to Bourbon Steak, one of Michael Mina's restaurants, which was excellent, but pricier than Puck's place. The MGM property is stunning and worth a visit.

    1. Yes, we went to WGP Grille last night for dinner. To start, the bar was very nice with a very cool ‘Log Cabin-ish’ ambiance. The two bartenders were very professional and new what they were doing. We had a drink before our reservations were called. There were several folks eating and drinking at the bar. The food looked good as it came out.

      Our dining experience was great. The waiter was professional and courteous. It was not what I expected; I guess I was expecting a "Wolfgang Puck Cafe" experience. It was definitely an upscale place, somewhere in between the WGP Cafe and Spago.

      The bread they served was excellent. Olive bread, French bread, & flat bread. Loved the flat bread!!! We split a Veg. chop salad for our app., which was really good. My wife, not a big eater, had the Butternut Squash Soup for her dinner, which was VERY good, but, just to let ya know, it was sweet tasting, so it's more of a 'desert soup', if there's such a thing. It was definitely made with WGP quality.

      I had the Veal Schnitzel, which was nothing special but was very good. The sides that came with it were different and very tasty. The sides were an excellent touch.

      Our bill came to $70 for two, that's without dessert. We were too full for dessert.
      I was disappointed that the Chinois Chicken Salad was not on the menu, among other WGP favorites... BUT, come to find out the lunch and dinner menus are very different. The lunch menu had the Chinois and all the pizzas, and the 'separate' bar menu had a lot of fun, good, bar-dishes too. So, next time, we're going to either have lunch there or eat at the bar.

      Overall, it was a great dining experience with an excellent atmosphere. WGP has style and class and will always be a favorite for dining.

      1. Puck's at MGM is very, very, good. I have been several times sence it opened and it is consistant, the service is top knotch, and everything I have had has been good. It's not flashy; it's solid food.

        1. I have heard it's good, but overpriced for what you get.

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            We went a couple of weeks ago and IMO Pucks is just not very good. I've now been to Pucks in Las Vegas and Maui as well. I wouldn't suggest any of them. Over priced, mediocre service, and uninspiring food. I had to laugh at the menu in Maui. Half the items were rip off renditions of recipes from other chef's like a slight twist on Charlie Palmers Beet and goat cheese gateau. Spago calls it "cake" instead of gateau. How original.