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Jun 26, 2000 03:06 PM

Chinese restaurant with good service

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Is there any Chinese restaurant in the South Bay that has good service? My family went to Sea Empress in Gardena last week and although the food was good the service was definitely not!

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  1. Sea Empress is by a wide margin the best Chinese restaurant in the South Bay, and the only one (aside, possibly, from Princess Garden in Cerritos) that stands up to the best HK-style places in San Gabriel and Monterey Park. It is possible to get kinder service, I suppose--they are definitely a little impatient with non-Cantonese--but wouldn't you rather go for the food?

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      Actually, there are several other HK style restaurants as good as Sea Empress in the South Bay, especially along PCH in Lomita. The best of the bunch is Regal Palace, 2166 PCH, which even has Hong Kong specialties you don't see in Monterey Park. Also, PCH (1841 PCH), Harbor Palace (1949 PCH), and Sea Food Town (22922 Hawthorne Bl. in Torrance) are San Gabriel valley quality. As far as service is concerned, though, I don't even pay attention to that unless it's really bad. That's not the point of going to a good Chinese restaurant.

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        > That's not the point of going to a good Chinese restaurant.

        I beg to differ!! What's the point of going to a Chinese restaurant unless you get really really rude staff?!!

        Hate to wallow in clich├ęs, but Cantonese are rude by definition. I know -- I'm one of them!!

        For kinder service, try a place with mainland (PRC) staff. And if you want the opposite extreme (but great food), I'll give you the name of a great place in Kowloon where the waitress told me I'm "too fat" and told my wife her hairstyle was "very ugly" !!!!

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          yeah - if you want good service, plan on paying a bit more than the usual $10.

          The way I see it, if you're dropping into the sub-$10 range, and the food is good, service is an afterthought. These restaurants aren't getting the best waiters, and, even if they are good, what's their motivation to stop having some fun at the customer's expense?

          Think about it. I'd rather deal with attitude, rudeness or indifference than anger.

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          In a previous incarnation, Regal Palace was JJ(?) restaurant and their food was excellent. And not only that, the staff was friendly! No wonder they went out of business.

          1. re: Julie

            Yes, it was originally Shanghai JJ then became JJ. Completely different cuisine. Regal Palace has excellent dim sum at lunch and an equally good dinner menu.

      2. First it was Father's day and the restaurant was overbooked. They seated 11 of us in a area that is usually a waiting area and it was right in front of the "Emergency Exit Only" door! After we ordered nine dishes, three of them came very quickly and then it stopped. As we ate and waited for the rest of the dishes, the bus boy deligently filled our water glasses and gave us more rice. The staff kept coming over and looking at our table until my sister-in-law told them that we had six more dishes coming. Well, I guess they thought that we had only ordered three dishes, because right after she said that the rest of the food started coming except for one. And that one last pork dish didn't come until we were just about done. My brother-in-law (who is Chinese by the way) didn't seem pleased by the service and said if his father was treated like this, he'd be throwing a fit.

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          That sounds pretty bad, but unfortunately is unavoidable practically anywhere on super-high-traffic days like Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve. Restaurants shouldn't overbook, but most of them, even the good ones, usually do. A proper 'hound learns how to cook her own great brunch :-}