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angela's question

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I'm guessing the answer is no since I haven't seen it in any of the treads, but does anyone have a menu posted? I'm getting take-out tomorrow night if nothing gets in the way, and I'll be feeding a semi vegan (he will eat eggs) I understand that the specials are the way to go, so I'll wait until I get there to order, but wanted him to see the menu to see if anything would work for him.

If not, any good vegan suggestions in the vicinity?

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  1. They have cheese stuffed chilis, which are good. I would call in the afternoon and see what they can put together.

    1. I went to Angela's with a strict vegan, and they were very accommodating. I think they made up a burrito or something with beans and rice and vegetables (don't remember exactly). But it wasn't really anything directly from the menu or specials, since they all seem to have at least cheese. So you'll have to talk to Luis to see what he can do.

      Good news is that the guacamole is vegan, and outstanding.

      1. Their regular menu is rather limited, because they make up so many of the daily specials. I agree w/junior coyote - call ahead and see what's cooking.

        1. They're very accomodating and I'm sure would make something up for your friend. Also, I was there recently and two of the Mexican specials that night were salads - ensalada de nopalitos (cactus salad) and ensalada de berro (watercress).

          1. 'Tis the season, so I've been too busy to post, but I did make it to Angela's on Tuesday. It is everything that people have posted here.

            The food gods were smiling down on me. I was really worried driving around the snow-packed neighborhood. I passed the cafe, and noticed right out in front a potential shoe-horn parking space. I managed to snag it despite my challenged parallel parking snow skills, and in I went. Luis is just lovely, down-to-earth, warm, and very helpful. I ended up with the mole plate, tacos arabes, a chorizo gordita, and guacamole. Angela is really fun to watch, and clearly focused on creating food that is rich and delicious and focused.

            Oh, my. Everything was amazing. Both the mole and the guacamole were the best that this NE Mexican-loving hound could want. Nothing I've had has been comparable. The mole...smoky, a bit of heat from chile, complex spice, slightly sweet but not too much, and the velvet from the chocolate...truly sublime. The guacamole was amazing...the blend of garlic, citrus, cilantro, texture...so good. The homemade chips were terrific, too. My only regret was that they forgot to include the requested handmade fresh tortillas, but a minor problem. Everything was really special. It was really fun to watch the women in the kitchen clearly preparing everything with care.

            My veganish son had eaten earlier, so he was quite happy with a refuel from the amazing guacamole and chips, so no worries about his vegan needs.

            Thanks, everyone for pointing us to such a terrific place.

            Luis said business has been okay, but a little slow with the holiday and the weather. I really hope hounds go out of their way to check Angela's out. I know I won't get there too often, but will be back soon. There are other threads that give tips about how to get there for the slightly less fringe-burb hounds.

            Rubee, were you there on Tuesday the 18th with friends? I was tempted to go and ask if it was you.

            Anyway, the leftovers are still fabulous.

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              How much parking is there around Angela's? I want to give it a try, but don't want to circle forever looking for something to open up.

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                There's just street parking around Angela's -- it's in a residential neighborhood -- but I've found a space within half a block every time.

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                So glad you had a good time! The leftovers, I agree, are fabulous. The last time we went to Angela's I, as usual, also ordered some food to go after our meal. I put the pork with adobo, along with some of Angela's black beans, in the freezer. We just got back from a trip, and what a great meal that made. Now that I know it freezes well, I think I might have to stock up.

                Unfortunately, no, it wasn't me that Tuesday - though coincidentally I did have plans on going there that very night with a few other 'Hounds that I had to cancel. I would have loved to have met you! One of these days.......

                Azra, regarding parking - we go to Angela's often, and have only had to circle the block twice (both times were around 7:30/8:00), but were still able to find a spot close by. Usually we have no problem with parking, and have always been able to park on the same block.

                Angela's Cafe
                131 Lexington St, Boston, MA 02128

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                  I'll also post this on the Place Link - The easiest way to direct a driver from the Sumner/Callahan -
                  Exit the tunnel and take an immediate sharp right (believe it says "East Boston". Don't go up the ramp onto the highway, stay on the street level. Easy to do.)

                  Go about one block to the traffic light (Santarpios is ahead of you) and take a left on Chelsea.

                  Go about two blocks, and take a left on Brooks.

                  5-6 short blocks to Lexington - Angela's will be on the left hand, near corner!