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Dec 17, 2007 11:24 AM

Rolf's: weekend brunch?

I keep trying to call Rolf's on 21st and 3rd, to see if they do a Holiday weekend brunch. The line has been busy all day. Does anyone know if they do a brunch menu on the weekends? I will have family members from out of town this weekend, and I know they'd love seeing all the holiday decorations there. I think they would rather eat brunch than a heavier german dinner.

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  1. Even though it's in our nabe, we've never been to Rolf's because the consensus is that the food there is mediocre at best. Most people agree that if you want to see the holiday decorations, it's best to just have a drink there and then go elsewhere to eat.

    Note: The restaurant is now known as Rolf's French Bavarian Brasserie. And, btw, it's on the corner of 3rd & 22nd.

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      Thanks for the information. I've heard that the food is mediocre, and I think we've decided to scrap this plan. Thanks for responding though, I really appreciate it. Maybe we'll stop in to get a drink as you suggest.

      1. re: artichokeheart

        definately stop in to see it. at least peek in the windows. it's amazing and over the top.

        the food is not that bad if you are in the mood for it.