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Dec 17, 2007 11:18 AM

Bento lunch making supplies - mississauga

New to chowhound - lurked for ages. Finally created an account

I am on vacation in mississauga and am looking for bento lunch supplies - theme bento boxes, egg molds, onigiri molds, cute animal pick & soy sauce bottles, etc. I saw on a blog a reference to a place called life basics in oriental centre but can't find that anywhere. I am not far from Mika's gifts and know they have a few options. I am also close to T&T. I am close to Erin Mills & Dundas. Does anybody know of high yield japanese houseware stores that aren't too far away? I will be here for a few more days.

Much obliged

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  1. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the West end of the GTA. What little I can offer you, and what you may have already read in other posts, is that your best options will probably be J-town or Sanko. Both will require a pilgrimage of sorts since you're out in the West end, but if the hour is late, they may be your best bet!

    There's also a store downtown which has supplies, they also have a website you can browse. It appears they have bento boxes. I haven't been here but I have been in contact with the owners regarding various items I was looking for and they're quite helpful.