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Dec 17, 2007 11:08 AM

Belize Recos? [moved from General Chowhounding]

Hey all, we're going to Belize next week and are wondering if anyone has dining recomendations for us. We are spending time in: Placencia, Hopkins and Caye Caulker.
Happy Holidays
All Best!
Nick and Natalie

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  1. You might want to post this on the right board it probably goes on the Mexico or Central America board. If you are going to Ambergis Caye I could offer some suggestions there?

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      I am going to San Pedro on Ambergris on Thursday and would love to hear your recs. Looking for somewhere nice to have romantic but fun birthday lunch or dinner on Sunday and somewhere for four of us on Christmas Eve for early dinner or perhaps somewhere we can buy yummy meals to go (we've got a boat). Thanks a lot.

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        I haven't been in a few years, but the best romantic place in my book was the restaurant up at Victoria House. For something local and authentic I really like Elvi's Kitchen, and there is a stand that has fish tacos on the street that is great, but not romantic. Capricorn was nice it might be kind of romantic on the beach, good food. I think we went for lobster night.

        I did more low key eating though because I went once with a class from my college then once I took the Mama so....

        But again if you search the right board there is probably more on the caye I haven't been in a couple years.

        Also on the main island the restaurant in the Maruba jungle spa was really good when we went.

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          I'd go to the Blue Water Grill. Their seafood is, predictably, excellent. Their steaks are surprisingly good.


      2. Nick and Natalie,
        try the Rainbow on Caulker. Good food, family run. Service is on "island time", but if you're in a hurry you're going to the wrong country.


        1. I highly recommend Beach n' Kitchen. Last year they were open only for breakfast and lunch, but I hear that they have a fabulous dinner going now. I highly recommend the cinnamon french toast and migas dish on the breakfast menu. We ate here A LOT, it was very good. For dinner I recommend Caliente.... the food was good. I was luke warm on the Blue Water Grill, but I can second the recommendations for the Victoria House restaurant... it's very nice and the food is excellent!

          Also, Capricorn for Bkfast, lunch and dinner. Amazing and a lovely spot.

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            We ended up going to Capricorn for my birthday lunch and it was just fantastic. Had the best shrimp I've ever eaten, with the best view and a great server. The place was deserted too.

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              Although the OP is now more than a year old, I thought I'd put my 2 cents in for future hounds who are looking for Belize recs.

              We just got back from four days on the Placencia peninsula and three days on Caye Caulker (hereafter abbreviated as CC).

              The Maya Beach Hotel's Bistro serves the best food on the peninsula. Fresh fish are brought in every morning. While we were there, we saw deliveries of snapper and snook brought to the dock. You can have your fish simply grilled or prepared with an Asian influence or a more tropical influence. Prices and service are a delight.

              Everyone seems to go to Robert's Grove for the Saturday night buffet. All you can eat for US$32.50 is nice, but the food is produced in bulk and not always so good. When we were there, the lobster and snapper were both a bit overdone. Many salads and rice dishes were well prepared. The poolside venue is nice, too.
              Robert's Grove also has a Mexican restaurant called Habaneros, on the lagoon side, which is quite good and altogether reasonable. We spent an afternoon in Placencia and, frankly, I don't see what the buzz is. Pleasant little fishing village now overrun with tourists.

              On CC, Amor y Cafe is a must-do for breakfast. Try their fresh fruit/yogurt/granola plate and their whole wheat toast. Lots of people recommend Glenda's. Breakfast there is an experience, but Amor y Cafe is better.

              Aside from the commonly recommended places on CC, I must vote for:
              Sid's--sit in the back room and enjoy fresh fish, rice and beans alongside the locals
              Rose's-- you get fresh fish and lobster BBQd simply and meet other people visiting CC from around the world at the family-style picnic tables. There are two other BBQ places along the beach on the north side of the island, but we loved Rose's.
              Street food--two women set up stands on the front street in the morning, where they serve fresh tacos. They're usually sold out and closed by noon, however.
              The Sand Box--right at the water taxi dock. I liked their conch and lobster fritters.
              Habaneros--everyone's favorite. Expensive by CC standards. You must have their appetizer sampler, featuring three items from the appetizer menu.