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Jun 24, 2000 03:13 PM

Inexpensive Taquerias and Asian Food...friendly to vegitarians?

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A friend is coming to L.A. to visit soon, staying with friends in Pasadena. He is searching for "inexpensive dining recommendations in the greater LA metroplex...not a big list, but if there's a few really good places friendly to vegetarians, I'd like to know. Especially interested in taquerias and Asian food..."

Beyond suggesting a Pupuseria in Pasadena and Potato Tacos in San Pedro, I am out of ideas. I know I could send him deep into the San Gabriel Valley finding exsquisite restaurants, but he should have time to play tourist as well. With this in mind, what can you, the fine members of Chowhound, suggest?

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  1. A fair number of Chinese are Buddhists who eschew meat, resulting in several good Chinese vegetarian restaurants. Menu includes lots of gluten and soy dishes imitating meat dishes. Check out Happy Family which has branches in Montebello, Monterey Park and Rowland Heights; Vegetarian Wok in Alhambra; Vegetarian Delight in San Gabriel; Green House in Monterey Park. Also, while not strictly vegetarian, the Chinese Islamic restaurants have a good selection of vegetarian items. Especially recommend Tung Lai Shun, 140 W. Valley in San Gabriel. (Vegetarian Delight is in the same shopping center.)

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      John Kawakami

      Tin In on Valley in Alhambra. The mushrooms are great. The "eel" is great. This is *the* vegan spot. It is also close to Pasadena.

      Happy Family on Atlantic (but not the other ones). Excellent all veggie spot with a great lunch special. I like their "chicken" which is just fried mushrooms.

      Ruen Pair in Hollywood makes enough veggie dishes to keep vegans fed. It's a Thai restauarant that stays open pretty late.

      I haven't been to the Vietnamese veggie place in Rosemead, and hear that it's nothing special.

      I used to go to Anthony's Casita in Highland Park for their veggie burrito. Their meat ones aren't so great. Their salsa is good.

      1. Is anyone friendly to vegetarians?