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Dec 17, 2007 10:43 AM

Wedding Rehearsal Nashville

Hi there! My best friend is planning her wedding in Nashville.

She is thinking about doing a catered, black tie affair next spring on the Shelby Street Bridge downtown and needs a rehearsal dinner location that has a slightly different, but still VERY Nashville, vibe to it.

She's going to have about 80 people there and doesn't want to break the bank on this night because she's sure to do it the next night, so I'm very interested in any thoughts that you have.

Please send your suggestions. We need them desperately. Much thanks!

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  1. I'm not from Nashville, but attended a rehearsal dinner in a hotel that was transformed from an old train station. It was really great food and service.

    1. Ainsworth Inn is a historic bed & breakfast/event facility. It's got charm and they can accommodate 80 quite nicely. Let Ann know that Linda referred you! Take a gander @

      I also recommend Chef Darryl Dinning of Panache Catering. He's incredible - I've been eating his food for almost 5 years now and have worked on a slew of events with him for the last several years!

      1. I think the bridge is technically a city park, so alcohol on premises might be an issue, if that makes any difference.
        Belle Meade Mansion carriage house is a fun, very Nashville location. Travellers Rest is another good spot for a spring wedding event. What about the Opryland Hotel? They would do the catering too, which would save trouble (if not money) Country Music Hall of Fame is another good choice. I went to a wedding in the old location, not sure if the new one rents out for wedding events.

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          You can have alcohol on the bridge, just may have to get a special permit.

          I agree with the Carriage House rec -- very Nashville and they do a great job. The Country Music Hall of Fame is beautiful and they do rent out, but depending on what you consider breaking the bank, it may be more than you want to spend. The last time I checked it was around $6-8k just to rent the space, and that didn't include chairs/tables/linens/food/drink, etc. (Although everyone's bank is different, so that may not be breaking the bank for your friend!)

          Union Station is the hotel that was mentioned above that had been converted from a train station and it is lovely and has just undergone a major "facelift". The Hermitage Hotel is another beautiful hotel in downtown Nashville. Might be high on the budget but it's definitely a Nashville landmark. Have you looked into Cheekwood? They have several locations for events. The Frist Center for the Arts also rents out for events. I went to a really pretty wedding reception there so I'm sure they could do a great rehearsal dinner.

          There are a few restaurants worth looking into as well -- Radius 10, Germantown Cafe (has a great view of downtown at night), the Sommet Center/arena also has space to rent -- the Jack Daniel's Club also overlooks the walking bridge downtown and isn't crazy expensive but does a great job with events. The Boundry has a private room called the Phoenix Room and I've been to a few events there and it's in the midtown area which is fun.