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squid ink angel hair pasta

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where to buy in manhattan?

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  1. Raffetto's on Houston St might have it. If not, there is a store in Brooklyn on Fifth Av near 18th street... I can't remember the name and can't find it on Google.

    1. I know the place to which Brian is referring and I cannot recall the name either!
      It will probably come to me at 3am..:-}
      What about Pastosa or Fratelli's? They make a lot of different types of pasta.

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        If it's Morisi (and I think I'm thinking of another place cause Morisi is not on 5th Ave), they've moved to California.

      2. I have see squid ink spagetti at Dean and Deluca, but not angel hair pasta.

        An alternative is to get squid ink (available at D&D, Citarella, Wild Edibles, etc.) and angel hair pasta separately and make the sauce yourself.

        1. thanks, everyone. i tried raffetto's, but they only have linguine. i think i'll walk over to little italy and explore. if i don't succeed, i'll go to brooklyn. if you think of the name, please post it. but, that's a great tip. do you know they make the angel hair, or just suspect that they do? thank you!

          1. fresh at Agata and Valentina.

            1. Dried at the Grand Central Market, at the italian kiosk near Murray's.

              1. And Garden of Eden on 14th.