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Dec 17, 2007 10:31 AM

Christmas in Hartford?

I'm arriving in Hartford Christmas Day, and would appreciate suggestions for dinner that evening, preferably something American or European. I'm not opposed to driving a little. (My Web surfing so far suggests that very few places in Hartford are actually open.) Thanks very much.

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  1. Hard to find anything open on Christmas Day. There's always Chinese or Japanese food. Check out to check availability... And then, there's always the casinos because we know they never close! Good luck!

    1. goldroc diner will be open.. pretty solid american diner food and not too bad an atmosphere. maybe not what you're looking for, but like mallomarmom said.. your options are way limited.

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        1. re: FJH

          Gold Roc diner may be "solid" but as far as diners go, well... ain't the real thing. Neighborhood is a little sketchy, as are the people there. (no offense to goodbyeohio, honest!) It's better early morning and maybe during the dinner hour, but late at night, well.... So, go get some Chinese food, or try a hotel restaurant (not sure where you're staying)... My family will be getting Chinese food, as per our annual ritual! Enjoy the holiday season.

          1. re: mallomarmom

            I'm staying at the Marriott Downtown. The restaurant will be closed, ditto room service, though apparently the front desk will be selling box lunches. Where will your Chinese come from?

      1. Definitely use the citysearch link provided below by goodbyeohio. I'd try Butterfly Chinese in West Hartford on Farmington Ave in a pinch. Food is pretty good and they do a slamming business on Christmas. If you need something downtown, try Feng which is Japanese--they may or may not be open though.

        Goldroc Diner is kinda gross in my opinion. The only time I've eaten there was after the bars have closed at like 2am. I have to say, I disagree though that the neighborhood is sketchy. I've lived nearby my whole life and have never encountered a safety issue anywhere in the neighborhood. (the people that go to Goldroc on a weekend night at 2am, myself included are sketchy...but the neighborhood is pretty dang safe.).

        1. Asian in Hartford would be Feng or Koji. Both great. The best Asian is in West Hartford. I'd call to see if they are open and to make reservations. East West Grill (1st choice), Cheng Du, Butterfly, Szechuan Tokyo, China Pan are all pretty good. I doubt anything else is open, but some may open as part of a special fundraiser (Cavy's in Manchester used to). The day after (the 26th), you are a good walk from the best hot dogs in the city!

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          1. re: rrdrums

            Rosco's Big Dog? It's on my list. I'll be in or around Hartford Weds and Thurs, so recommendations are welcome.

            1. re: FJH

              Sadly, Rosco's closed a while back.

          2. I went to a good Chinese restaurant in New Britain on Christmas Day a few years ago, but unfortunately its name escapes me...? Definitely a cut above standard takeout, and it was doing some good business. Sorry, don't know of any American/European options.

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            1. re: hollerhither

              It's probably Great Taste in New Britain.

              I also second the Rosco's recommendation for post Christmas...I recommend everything but specifically the CC rider and Die Fleider Dog.
              Also, yes I forgot to mention East West Grille but I suspect they're not open on Christmas. Butterfly definitely is. Also....please tell me what you dig about Chen Du. I live nearby and haven't tried it since they moved to Park Road but I wasn't impressed with them when they were on Farmington Ave. I love Asian food...I even like I Love Sushi on Park Road (for takeout) but whaddya like about Chen Du...I might give it another try if you can convince me. I remember having some very rubbery steamed veggie dumplings there...gross.

              1. re: masha bousha

                Cheng Du seems to have gotten some high faluttin' impression of themselves as a gourmet Chinese restaurant. Food there is mediocre at best. Butterfly is much better, as is the ambiance. You can skip Cheng Du... You're missing nothing!

                1. re: mallomarmom

                  BTW, I heard Cheng Du sold to a new owner.