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Dec 17, 2007 10:20 AM


I bought a box of clementines for the first time last week, and they are delicious! Price was the deciding factor, as Florida tangerines were about 50 cents each, but an entire box of the clementines was only 4.99. So I got them, and I actually think they are better than tangerines. They're smaller, but sweeter, and really easy to peel.

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  1. I really like them, too. They seem to be less acidic, and so easy to peel! Good value.

    1. I love when it's time for Clementines, I just can't get enough of them when they're ripe.

      1. Love Clementines! They're tasty, easy to peel and the perfect size for my kids (plus they have very few, if any, pits).

        Last year I tried Nigella's Clementine Cake, and, while I'm generally a chocolate fanatic, this was nice for a change.

        1. I just bought a box and they were only $3.99! I was surprised at the great bargain.

          1. They're fantastic, but their season is too short. They start to get larger and less sweet with more pits. By the way, the wood box they come in is great for using in the fireplace as kindling, or to put on top as a fire show!

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