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Dec 17, 2007 09:57 AM

Best Flask for Gin & Tonic?

What's the best flask for toting Gin & Tonic? I've used stainless steel, but developed seam leaks fairly quickly. I wish I were man enough to just tote straight gin, but I like the cut of some fine tonic as well...but is it just to acidic for metal? What about Pewter or Glass lined flasks? Too breakable?


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  1. I would think that the most significant barrier to flasking a g&t would be the carbonation of the tonic, not its acidity. One does not normally put carbonated beverages in a flask. (I'm no chemist, but I seriously doubt that the pH of a g&t would have much of an effect on stainless steel.)

    Perhaps the solution here is either (a) to find a spirit you do like to drink straight (i personally go for bourbon in my flask on long wintry walks), (b) to find a mixer you enjoy that isn't carbonated (a mixed drink in a flask still irks me from the standpoint of purity and "tradition," but to each her own), or (c) just carry gin in the flask, and mix your drink in a cup wherever you are heading (this option assumes you're not drinking "on the run," so to speak).

    1. I would also assume that your seam leaks are due to the pressure of the gas coming out of solution rather than acid. Since this is presumably not a thermos, and so might not be very well insulated, perhaps the liquid is warming up as well as being jostled. This would make the solution problem worse still. Skip the G&T. Slip a dark rum hot chocolate into your pocket instead.

      1. I agree w/ mhoffman, but why don't you use lime juice or another non-carb mixer? you don't fizzle out the bubbles. I love a nice icy gin with some fresh lime.

        I love a nice flask - but since we don't know WHERE you are drinking this - at a party, alone in your attic, at work - why not use an insulated coffee cup/mug? Keeps it whatever temp you prefer, and not breakable if you get a good one. Plus, everyone will assume you just gotta have your Starbucks.

        Are you sure it wasn't a leak or maybe it was condensation?

        1. i've had success packing g&t in nalgene bottles on camping could get a smaller one, considering that a quart of gin and tonic could be a bit much (or not quite enough), but a nalgene ain't all that classy.

          in my stainless hip flask i keep bakers bourbon, just because it's one of the only bourbon's i drink that still makes me shake my head to get it down neat. and that somehow adds to the mystique of the hip flask for me.

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            Agreed. Any liquid that doesn't make you make you furrow your brow doesn't really belong in a flask, now does it?

          2. The original comment has been removed