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Dec 17, 2007 09:57 AM

Looking for Julmust

I would be most thankful if anyone might be able to inform me where I can purchase Julmust in the NYC area.

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  1. Happy Holidays, Allen. No guarantees, but give Ikea a call! Thanks belong to Google! pat

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    1. re: Pat Hammond

      Greetings Pat, I hope you've been well. Ikea was the correct recommendation > I would expect nothing less from you. YOU are good! After much searching: Joe, the bartender at Aquavit, Scandinavia House, Kristall < a distributor of Julmust... I did call, and find it at, as you suggested, Ikea. I was hoping for something closer. I hope you have a spectacular Holiday.

      As you can see, I've still not learnt the skill of a short 1 or 2 line post. I tried: see the original post.



      1. re: allenbank

        allen try nordic delicacies on 69th st and 3rd ave in bay ridge, they should have it - joe

        1. re: joeyBK

          Thanks Joe:

          I drove out to Ikea this evening. The bottom line was that, it was unclear to "everyone" if they were out of Julmust or didn't carry it. I'd been told this afternoon they did.

          I just got an e-mail reply from "a" / "the" < ? Julmust distributor > (Kristall) I'd contacted and was told that to his knowledge the closest place I'd be able to find it was, if anyone's interested, Scandia Foods, in Norwalk, Ct. Their telephone no. is: 203 838.2087.

          The Scandinavian area of Bay Ridge had crossed my mind. Tomorrow I will find the time to call / take a ride to Nordic Delicacies in hopes of cheering up a homesick friend during the holidays with some Julmust & maybe a bottle of Aquavit and gravlax.

          I'll have to stop by Leske's for a black & white.

          Many thanks Joe, I'll post back with the result.


          1. re: allenbank

            The follow-up as promised > Nordic Delicacies, although very nice, were unfamiliar with Julmust as it's a Swedish product and the store specializes in Norwegian products, I assume.

    2. HI.
      Sorry to hear about your bad IKEA experience.
      I'm not sure which one you went to, but I was at the Elizabeth store this past Sunday.
      And in the food market area (just past the registers on the ground floor) there were literally cases of Julmust stacked up and ready to go.
      I hope this helps!

      1. I am from the Marland DC Area. We had no luck at IKEA. They said they will have it early November this year but they never had it. Then when we checked again they said that their system is saying that the won't have shipment until the end of this year. The cost plus world market doesn't have it either. But I did find this online store that sells a 12 oz bottle for $2.19.

        Shipping via UPS is $9.95 for 10 bottles or below.

        The website is:

        Hope that helps.