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Dec 17, 2007 09:39 AM

hudson valley "gourmet" markets

i was wondering where there are some more "gourmet" markets/groceries in the hudson valley area. i leave back for long island on thursday and i'm looking to get some stuff before i leave. i know all about the amish market, just wondering if there is anything else to check out!

thanks in advance!

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  1. what area of the Hudson Valley do you mean?

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      i'm willing to travel, so basically anywhere. preferably in the hyde park/rhinebeck/new paltz area though. any suggestions had are welcome though, i still am not too familiar with what's around.

      1. re: radioactivebetty

        Adams in kingson (with another one in Poughkeepsie) has amazing stuff. I know that a lot of the chefs at the CIA recommend it. Also, if you're going down the Taconic, stop in Yorktown Heights and go to Turco's. Very good meats and cheeses.

    2. When you say you know about the amish market does that mean Zeytinias in Croton? I know there is some kind of connection there. There is also a Turco's in Yorktown and a Whole Foods in White Plains. I realize though this probably isn't the area you are looking for.

      1. Jack's Meat and Deli on Main Street in New Paltz is very good for local and organic meat. Try The Cheese Plate in the Water Street Market, also in New Paltz, for a nice selection of local cheeses. Pick up some baked goods from the Village Tea room, again in New Paltz Adam's, as previously mentioned is good, too, and where I shop frequently, but if you are from headed back to LI, you can do better at Fairway Market for selection and price.

        1. Adam's - Kingston. Poughkeepse, Newburgh - It's a full grocery store with local produce, butcher, fish, bakery, deli and cheese section.

          Joe's Italian Deli - Rt. 9 Wappingers Falls, They sell everything from Italian Deli items to Truffles and Demi Glace. They also have a butcher.

          1. while adams is a great, big, all purpose market with loads of specialty foods and great local produce, i wouldn't really call it gourmet. meats are ok, fish is terrible to awful, and not much beyond every possible produce item imaginable (local, but no local organic, all the organic is in plastic wrap and was shipped from california).

            for high end gourmet foodstuffs, i highly recommend Fleishers Meat Market ( in kingston. locally sourced grass fed organic beef and pork products, free range organic chickens, amazing broths (veal broth, duck broth), and high end cheeses as well as some gourmet spices, soaps, candles, rices, and other stuff. absolutely spectacular meats (bacon to die for).

            also for italian specialities, Toscanni Brothers shop in New Paltz is excellent. absolutely the best fresh mozzarella in the hudson valley (fresh mozz from Adam's taste like chalk), fantastic sliced meats, san marzano tomatoes, that great italian peach iced tea (with real sugar not HFCS), all his sandwiches are great great great. we just moved to the hudson valley after 15 years in brooklyn eating at the best laticcini spots and have tried every fresh mozz around and toscanni wins, period. he's got a lot of nice other foodstuffs in there (panatone, biscotti, oils, rissotto, deserts, everything italian speciality). the owner is from brooklyn...

            those are my 2 picks for great gourmet markets. enjoy and please report back on where you went. enjoy fb

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              i haven't had toscanni's mozz, but rossi deli's in poughkeepsie is pretty good (agree RE: adams mozz; good if you haven't had 'real' fresh mozz) and if she's going to long island via train, it's better to get the cheese at the gcs marketplace @murray's...

              but on that regard...there IS a small gourmet place in rhinebeck, and the name escapes me. it's across the street from the terrapin (rte 9), in a little grouping of shops but not ON route 9 - actually, behind it. if you go to the shop that sells lots of spices and seasoning, you're in the wrong little row of shops. the one i'm thinking about also has a store in hudson, and has some cheeses including burrata that the owner gets from nyc, and some other assorted higher end foodstuffs. it's not large, nor varied (some frozen / cold things, and i think some oils and chocolates?) but, like on the burrata - well, there's no other place to get it up in dutchess.

              then again, i'd assume that long island has that stuff just as well. i can't think of anything up here (in the winter) that is particularly special. if it was the spring/summer, i'd change that statement.

              1. re: frankbooth

                Fleishers Meat Market is definately on my list to try. I just haven't been able to make it up to Kingston yet. Is it true that they only sell retail thursday-saturday? I know they do a lot of wholesell business with restaurants in the city. Fleishers was also featured in Food & Wine recently. It's definately a place worth checking out.

                Sprout Creek Farm also sells grass feed beef in Pougkeepse. It's primarily a Cheese/Dairy Farm. Their cheese is fantastic by the way. The meat is all froozen however, that is the one draw back.

                Another place selling local grass feed beef (also frozen) is McEnroe Farm Market in Millerton, NY.

                In terms of Adams I think it's a bit harsh to call their fish "terrible". I am however looking for alternatives. Does anyone know of a good fish monger in the Wappingers area? I have not been able to fine one.