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Jun 18, 2000 01:07 PM

Know Any South Indian Restaurants?

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I am new to the area (from NY) and I miss South Indian food. I'm often in Venice and Pasadena, so if anyone knows of any restaurants there, I'd appreciate your suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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  1. South Indian restaurants are relatively rare in the L.A. area, at least north of Artesia, but Madhu's Dasaprakash, on Santa Monica Boulevard on the westside is a branch of a small chain in South India itself, and is pretty wonderful. Best dosa in town. The India Sweets and Spices chain, although mostly a source for desserts and chat, does serve some South Indian dishes, as does--in lightened, sweetened form--All India Cafe in Pasadena and Bombay Cafe in West L.A.

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      I believe Paru's on Sunset Blvd. just west of Normandie is South Indian. When you're buzzed in off the street the scary, bunker-like building opens into a sweet outdoor dining area and a trippy, sexy, colorful interior. Big portions, very yummy, totally vegetarian, but I don't miss meat one bit when I'm there. Give it a shot.

    2. Paru's on Sunset is awesome! A great experience all the way around. Totally vegan. Totally South Indian.