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Dec 17, 2007 08:57 AM

Big Stash in Linden NJ?

Anyone know anything about this Polish eatery/take out? Someone I know mentioned it as being a "must" as far as the real deal of Polish foods in the area.

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  1. Don't know it, but google found a 2001 "quick bite" from the NY Times...

    1. I haven't eaten there myself, so I am not offering a recc, but in looking for a site or at least their menu, I found this very favorable review online.
      written 08/25/07
      "Went last night for a bite, in Jersey from Staten Island, when you walk in Big Stash's it's like going back in time to the Fabulous '60's....Old fashioned bar and restaurant, great atmosphere.... I had 1/2 Roast Chicken, baked potato, broccoli with cheese, diet Coke. My wife had a cheeseburger and fries and a Black Russian. EVERYTHING WAS AWESOME. Chicken was just right, nice and hot and moist, not dried out, baked potato was great and the broccoli with cheese was delicious. Her burger and fries were very tasty ( I had a bite ) . Also, the macaroni salad was the BEST I've ever had.....Very tasty and creamy.... The people there are super-friendly, very hospitable, asked us a couple of times "How's everything ?"...(Unlike most of the younger waitresses you get at your local Applebee's or Chili's).....We assumed most of the people there are family, you just get that impression because they're so friendly.......When the bill came we were very happy to leave a 25% tip. PRICES WERE VERY REASONABLE. WORTH THE HOP OVER THE GOETHALS. CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK AGAIN. A MUST-EAT PLACE ON OUR "RESTAURANT MAP" NOW!....SKIP CHILI'S OR APPLEBEE'S AND CHECK OUT STASH'S!!!....YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT !!! TAKE THE FAMILY."

      1. I have been here and you must GO! Of course the decor is 1970's, but who cares. The food taste like some old Polish lady is in the back cooking meal by meal. Over the summer I was at a brievement here and I could not get over the food. So homecooked tasting. Like I said, the decor is so old, but great quality food.


        1. Stash's has been around FOREVER! I remember pre-movie adds at Linden theater when I was a kid (yeah, it was a while ago). This place is an institution and deservedly so. There are probably restaurants out there paying big bucks to try and look like this place for the retro crowd but it's all genuine here. Don't expect fancy but do expect great Polish food.

          1. I rate Stashs Prime Rib with some of the best I have eaten......Rod's Steakhouse in upscale Convent Station NJ, serves the same quality rib for $13.00 more........
            the decor is the same as when I first went there in 1964, but the food is still outstanding at unbelievable low prices