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Dec 17, 2007 08:04 AM

Red Hots in Honolulu?

Can anyone help me find these cinnamon hard candies? I'm in the process of trying to make gingerbread men and it is imperative that I find Red Hots to use for the little buttons on the cookies. Last night I tried substituting mini M&Ms, but it just lacked the spicy kick that the Red Hots have.
I've tried looking in the supermarket candy aisles (Safeway and Times) but haven't been able to find any..... Any suggestions? Mahalo!

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  1. Go to any of the Price Busters stores, they have literally shelves of all kinds of hard to find candies. I saw red hots at the Pearl Highlands location last week. Happy baking!

    1. you might try the candy store at kahala mall

      Carousel Candyland 734-7799