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Dec 17, 2007 07:51 AM

Bakery in Atlanta metro

Where can i find warm, fresh out the oven bread in the Atlanta metro area? Thanks

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  1. Two places that I can think of:

    1) Star Provisions over on Howell Mill
    2) Henri's in Buckhead

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    1. re: coleyas

      thank you. ill check them out. I need to get a bread maker. lol

    2. I just made suggestions to a co-worker on this- he's moving back from overseas w/ a wife who doesn't drive and wants to eventually live w/in walking distance of a bakery.

      My list included:

      Highland Bakery (though I've seen not-great mention of it)

      But for any of those, or even Whole Foods, you'd have to hit it right to get hot bread. If you catch it when the delivery guy is bringing baguettes to some of the Asian/Vietnamese markets on Bu Hi, those can be really good, too.

      1. The new Alon's finally opened on Ashford-Dunwoody across from Perimeter Mall (the old Eatzi's space). Granted, it's not walking distance (at least for many), but it bring better bread to that part of town.