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Dec 17, 2007 07:46 AM

Christmas Eve / Day dinner around Yorkville

A friend and I in our late twenties both have no families where we currently live in Canada, so we both decided to book a flight to NYC over Christmas to New Years.

For Christmas Eve or Christmas Day I'd love to be able to dress up and enjoy a bottle of wine in a trendy/classy/young festive atmosphere with turkey on the menu, for less than $100 each.

Neither of us have been to NYC, so any recommendations at all for the week would be appreciated. I'm a big fan of tapas, seafood, sushi (being from Vancouver does that to you), hole-in-the-walls, and lounges at night. I'm pretty unfamiliar with the whole reservation process as it seems that all the top restaurants are booked months in advance. I only bought my ticket last week so am I just better off winging it? I'm open to all suggestions! Thanks!

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