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Dec 17, 2007 07:40 AM

New Baltimore Routine

Please help, 'Hounders,

I'm obliged to visit Johns Hopkins Medical Center every six weeks and need a decent lunch place after a long morning. I reside in PG County and am more familiar with DC. Frequent trips along the BW Pkwy, Pratt Street to Broadway and back via Lombard have yielded a few too many corned beef sandwiches from Attman's (great, BTW) or hospital cafeteria lunches (not so great).

I'm not averse to veering off the beaten path in Baltimore or along the Parkway, but keep in mind that's fairly unfamiliar territory to me, so please, if you can, keep it close to the route, relatively quick, and at a modest price point.

Thanks for your wise counsel and Happy Holidays!

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  1. If you can veer your way to Canton, go to Mamas on the Half Shell for lunch!

    1. you could go to paper moon, sit at the counter, eat some tasty breakfast things.

      you're also not far from Hampden - lots of options there.

      1. Penn Street Tavern (formerly Ras Doobie's) is only a block or two out of your way for good Jamaican fare. Yaba Pot has a location on Pratt or Washington just a couple blocks west of MLK for very interesting vegetarian fare.

        Ducking south into Little Italy from either Pratt or Lombard opens up all manner of possibilities.

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          Speaking of Little Italy...There is a great new place on the corner of Eastern Ave and High St. Cafe Gia's has a small menu but what they do they do VERY well. They have absolutely the best eggplant parm that I have ever had.

          1. re: kimmer1850

            When are they open, it always looks closed!

            1. re: hon

              Will ditto this. I've tried to go at least three different times, no dice. Looks so cute, I want to like it, but they are making it hard!

              1. re: charmedgirl

                I'll get the hours and get back to you. So far as I can tell they are open Mon-Thurs for lunch only; Friday & Saturday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sunday brunch is coming soon.

          2. re: Warthog

            The place on Wash. Blvd is no longer Yabba Pot, it's called Sharazahad's (sp??). I think they describe it as neo-soul cuisine. I've only been once, but had some very good sweet potato fries.

            1. re: pigtowner

              Anyone know anything about this Sharazahad's place (or whatever its called). Neo-soul cuisine sounds like it could be interesting to me,.....

              1. re: jes

                I went to Sharazahad's one time months ago. Three of us for lunch. Two of the lunches were good I had a spinach salad, I think, but the third was so bad that anything good was overshadowed. I will spare the details of what I thought my friend's soup tasted like but this had either turned bad or was made with rancid potatoe. I was upset after my frient asked me to taste to see if it was good. It was beyond bad. The proprieter was nice about it and all but since he saw fit to serve something that had gone so obviously bad I have not gone back.

          3. also, is Dizzies open for lunch?

            could grab a burger there. super good. probably the best I've had.

            1. G& M for the crab cakes is not far off the parkway. Really yummy!