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Dec 17, 2007 07:36 AM

Great new mexican restaurant

I live in West Chester and was curious when a new restaurant opened on rt. 162 right before the Daily Local News building & Giant shoping center. It's called Don Gabriel. Excellent soft tacos, chile rellenos, fajitas. The food is very authentic mexican. It's lacking completely in ambiance, but who cares when you can get 4 tacos for $8, a huge satisfying lucnh. Worth trying!

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  1. While I live north of West Chester I am not familiar with the road that you mentioned. If you could ascertain the address for that restaurant I would be very grateful!

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      If you take Chestnut Street out of the borough, pass the beer mill, gas station, Sam's pizza island then bare/go left at the light and it's 100 yards on the right. a few years ago it was a mini - mart, and over 5yrs ago a Wawa in the building.

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        Is it BYOB? I love margaritas with Mexican food!

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          They don't have virgin margaritas, but there were guys over the weekend drinking Coronas?
          Also, not to disappoint - No Ambiance - Just great, cheap food and very nice hospitable owners & staff

    2. We stopped by Don Gabriel today. Everything was really good. It reminds me a lot of Norristown's Taqueria Michocana in the good old days. We got Chicken "Tinga" taco ($2) and burrito ($5), grilled chicken torta ($5) and pork tamale verde ($1.25). The tacos have two corn tortillas and are very stuffed, so you can basically split it into two tacos if you want. The Tinga chicken was quite nice. I thought it would be too spicy but it wasn't really spicy, just nice flavor and juicy. My wife liked the taco so much she had to get another one. The bread and avocado on the torta made it great. I liked the burrito as well and saved half for later. Tamale was also much larger than I expected and I thought it was quite good.
      They also have some more expensive $10-12 platters and a bunch of things written on the whiteboard which may or may not have been on the menu.
      It is no frills as keby mentioned, they have about 10 tables, but people were still coming in at like 2pm today. I'll have to try the mole.

      The other half of the place, they have mexican groceries and you also buy your sodas there (it has a separate register).
      They had some buffet gear and they said they may try to offer buffet of some sort in March/April.

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        Everyone is correct-This is "REAL” Mexican Food
        Great Food & Great Prices- I've dined there 2 times already.
        Would recommend to all!

      2. I was inspired to go after reading the reviews on this site , food was amazing , I grew up in Northern California and this was the first time I have tasted food like this since moving , got 3 tacos loved them all , love the fact that you have to go over to the store side to buy a drink ......I will become a regular