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Where to buy German speck or double-smoked bacon in SEA?

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Yes, that is the question: Where to buy German speck or double-smoked bacon in SEA?


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  1. I haven't been, but my first try would be Hans' German Sausage and Deli in Burien, mentioned in this article:

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      I can't speak for its quality, but I believe that De Laurenti's stocks speck as well.

    2. I'd also try both Continental market on Roosevelt (it's a German goods/groceries store) and Bavarian Meats in the Market.

      1. Hans' Sausage Shop on Ambaum Blvd. in Burien...a stand-out authentic German deli.

        1. How is German speck different from Italian speck? Should I taste a difference?
          I imagine you could call around to Italian specialty grocers to get Speck from them... am I missing something?

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            MaspethMaven, German speck doesn't retreat at the first sign of conflict. You, like the French, will taste the difference accordingly.

          2. If you want to order it over the internet, you can get it from GermanDeli.com

            1. When I recently sampled some Freybe (B.C.) brand Bauresheiken at the Mill Creek Central Market, they offered me a sample of a German brand as well. Freybe also makes a Sheinken speck, though I've only see both at a few B.C. grocery delis.

              DD Meats in Mountlake Terrace also carries a mix of Freybe meats (some at clearance prices). Once they got an extra shipment of one of these hams, and I was able to buy a whole chunk for a song. But that's not a regular occurrence. DD also smokes some of their own meats, including a good bacon (though I wouldn't describe it as extra smoky).


              1. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I had to do an airport run so I stopped at Hans' - quite a place with really nice workers!