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Jun 18, 2000 03:52 AM

Polish food in LA

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Are there any good Polish food restaurants in LA? I'm thinking of an experience I had in Brooklyn when I went to this excellent little place in a neighborhood with a high Polish emigre/Polish-American population. I can't remember the name of the restaurant or the neighborhood, but the restaurant had a great atmosphere -- cozy and unpretentious -- that was topped only by the food. I've seen the ad in the LA Weekly for Warszawa and am tempted to go, but am reluctant to check it out (living on a student's budget) because I'm thinking that a restaurant in that neighborhood probably wouldn't share either the same kind of atmosphere or level of authenticity. The sub-question, then, would be how is Warszawa?

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  1. Charles,

    I haven't been to Warszawa in eons. But Mark Bittman writes a very favorable review of it in a survey of six Santa Monica restaurants in today's Sunday New York Times. It's in the Travel section; chances are, it's available online.

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      Warszawa is fine, but it does tend to get expensive; easily $80-$100 for two with wine. Polka, on Verdugo Road in Glendale I think, may not be half the restaurant Warszawa is, but it does offer good, wholesome, home-style Polish dinners for almost nothing, and may be more what Mr. Kim is looking for.

      1. re: Pepper

        Skip the bottle of wine and you should be out the door for about $60.00. During the week you can be out the door for $50.00. You would be hard pressed to cook it yourself for that.

    2. We go to Warsawa frequently and we love it. It is in a converted cottage and feels like you are having dinner in someone's home. I start with the pea soup and then prunes wrapped in bacon and rolled in walnuts (sounds weird, tastes like heaven). My favorite entree is Bigos (hunter stew) and the duck is a close second. If we can remember we call ahead and have them make a cheesecake. It is unlike any other cheesecake I have ever had. The prices are very reasonable. I've got to go back again soon, I'm getting homesick.