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Dec 17, 2007 06:59 AM

Grand Cru Ballston?

Anyone been?

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  1. Yes, went with boyfriend on a Friday night a month or two ago. We weren't super hungry, just wanted a few nibbles before going out. I got an Italian wine flight which was good, and a good value. Boyfriend was pretty impressed with the beer selection, especially for a "wine centric" place. We ordered a Thai chicken appetizer which was just okay, the make your own charcuterie and cheese plate was good and a pretty good value, and also the vegetable fondue. The fondue was tasty and a fun "date" thing to do, and we were surprised at how full we were after it. They have wine tastings every week that might be worth checking out, you get a pretty good discount on the featured wines I believe.

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      Do you know the website? i can't seem to find it via google. thanks

    2. My husband and I just went last night and had a delicious meal. The wine we had was great and the selection of various wines is excellent. I had the duck and he had the lamb chops- both were great and not as expensive as you would expect for that type of dish. For dessert we had the bread pudding with white chocolate sauce- fantastic! We were very impressed with the restaurant and will go back. We hope to see them get a lot of business- it was full but not packed. Spread the word, it's worth a visit!

      1. hmmmm...ok. I'll give it a try though my first encounter with the place was not good. I walked in during my lunch hour a few weeks after it had opened. My co workers and I are always looking for new places to eat and I wanted to scope out the wine selection. No one else was in the place EXCEPT the girl behind the counter who was yapping on her personal cell and apparently could not be bothered with a customer. I spent several minutes, checked out the wines and left. Not once did she break her personal conversation to at least say hello. I an not one that needs waitstaff falling all over me, but geez, at least say hello or thanks for coming.

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          I went there recently for dinner and liked it a lot. Excellent wine selection--and cheaper than usual restaurant prices because you buy retail and then pay a corkage fee if you open it there--and the food I had was uniformly very good and quite reasonably priced. It's a great place to settle in with some friends over a bottle of wine and there's no pressure to order a full meal. I'll definitely be back.