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Dec 17, 2007 06:59 AM

HELP with Nashville catering

I need to arrange a casual catered buffet supper in a home in Nashville for 50 guests from all over the country. I want them to experience local flavors and ingredients, not the ubiquitous roast beef sandwiches, chicken skewers and spinach dip. It could be barbeque, really good meatloaf or fried chicken, mac and cheese, slow-cooked green beans etc. Can anyone recommend a caterer (could be a restaurant that will cater) to pull this off?

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  1. Try Chefworks (in the phone book) or Martha's at the Plantation (also in the book) or Charlie Cates' (his daughter is doing the work now, just as good I think). Don't have a number for them but Martha's might have it if they can't do the job themselves.

    1. Would also check with the Clean the Plate Club. Monica is a doll to work with. Very detail oriented and responsive!

      1. Judge Bean's (Texas-style BBQ) and Neely's (an outpost of the great Memphis BBQ place) both do catering.

        1. The original comment has been removed