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Dec 17, 2007 06:55 AM

Where to buy Westvleteren in Brussels?

Does anyone have any tips on where to find Westvleteren (6,8,12) in Brussels? I'm not picky: bars, stores, car trunks... any place will do.


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  1. Back in July I found it at a great place called 400 Bieres Artisanales at Chaussee de Wavre 174-176 for €12 a bottle

    1. According to their own website, you can only officially buy their beer from the Abbey.

      I live near Brussels (expat) and suppose that you could find this beer in a local shop, but I personally would not want to disobey the monks ... karma, man.

      1. I know this is a very very old post but. if you don't mind going to Bruges. It's not far from Brussels. A 45 min to an hour tops by train. you can find it at the Beir Temple. Go to the Markt where the bell tower is and go down Philipstockstraat (looking out into the square with the bell tower behind you it's the top right street). You can buy the beer at the Beir Temple or you could go right next door to it to the bar and buy it there to drink on the spot. I was there in May of 2009 and that's where i got my bottles.

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          The Brussels location of de Bier Temple also has it - €7 for a bottle of the 12.

        2. I sell trappist Westvleteren 8° in Elsene for 9,00 EUR a bottle (90 bottles in my cellar). That's very cheap compared to other places in Belgium. Please contact me at