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Eloping to New Orleans

My Fiance and I are planning to elope to New Orleans in November 2008. It will be the two of us along with my maid of honor and his best man. I'm looking for suggestions on where to have a over the top delicious meal for the 4 of us. I'm looking for some place that also has great ambiance and decor. We are all in our early 20s so some place that isnt entirely stuffy is also a plus. In addition to needing a dinner location, can anyone offer advice about great bakeries where I could get a small 1 tier wedding cake?

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  1. Look into The Windsor Court. I think they should be able to do it all for you. And it is so beautiful and romantic,. The chef is New Orleans food done elegantly.

    1. Swiss Confectionery can help you with the cake.

      1. First, this man knows all, contact him: Tom Fitzmorris

        I am a Fan of these bakeries:
        LA SPIGA BAKERY 2440 Chartres St. 949-2253 Tracking down one of La Spiga's pies or pastries can feel like a scavenger hunt. The Faubourg Marigny retail location unlocks its doors only on Saturday, but during the week the bakery peddles its goods around town at the Crescent City Farmers Markets. Recently featured in Bon Appetit magazine, La Spiga makes divine Mardi Gras brioche king and queen cakes. No reservations. Breakfast and lunch Saturday. Visa. $ (I lived around the corner from these folks...heaven

        Croissant D'or Patisserie~My favorite hands down. Especially for breakfast pastries in the morning after sex.

        LA BOULANGERIE~4526 Magazine St. 269-3777

        Adolfo's-611 Frenchmen St.-One of the most romantic and fulfilling meals I've ever had was at 'Adolfo's' on Frenchman Street, above the Apple Barrel Bar. Totally local, Really Really Good Food, and when done you have 4 or 5 music venues and a hooka bar right outside the door.

        Please watch the beautiful video from Studio Vieux Carre on the New Orleans News Ladder for this past Friday~Vendredi

        Also tune your computer to WWOZ.org the local community radio station.

        You have chosen well. New Orleans loves lovers.

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            The Cake Cafe has been in the space where La Spiga was for a year. Specializes in small wedding cakes. www.nolacakes.com Full Breakfast and Lunch too.

        1. I cannot recommend Stella! highly enough - our favorite place to eat in New Orleans and we have eaten at all of them more than once. Additionally, Croissant D' Or is located about a block and a half away from Stella! and I am certain they would deliver a wedding cake to Stella! prior to your arrival. Hotels in the immediate vicinity include the Soniat House and Hotel Provincial - both guaranteed to bring out the romance in both of you as they are Old World New Orleans. There are two suites available in the Soniat House that would be perfect for a truly memorable honeymoon night(s). The rooms in both hotels are decorated with period antiques for a one of a kind experience.

          1. My wife and I got married in New Orleans a few months before Katrina and we got our cake from Flour Power in Chalmette. It was excellent. It was a bananas foster cake! When we returned about 8 months after Katrina, Flour Power had already reopened even though the immediate area was pretty devastated. As to where to dine, that is a personal decision, but perhaps the Windsor Court could do something in a private room for the four of you? I had my rehearsal dinner at Upperline and the owner, Joann, is always gracious and the place has a great vibe.

            1. Yes! do Flour Power for the cake. Excellent city to elope, Go to one of the grand dames... but stay away from Antoines. The food is average, and they don't like "foreigners". Have a great time!

              1. Good luck and God bless the newlyweds. The. Mrs. and I renewed our vows at St. Louis Cathedral on our 25th anniversary and that was five years ago! Enjoy yourselves and love each other. The Windsor Court should leave you satisfied and with wonderful memories. Merry Christmas.

                1. Thank you guys for all of the great suggestions! Many of the places you've mentioned didn't even come up in my previous searches. I feel a little bit more confident about this crazy plan of mine now!

                  1. I would agree wholeheartedly that flour power in Chalmette is very worth it. I also agree that Stella would be an excellent choice for your occasion. I would't quite agree with the above statement about Antoine's. It's very much a local establishment but I've sent many of visitors to Antoine's that have come back raving about it. I would say that it's not a place you just walk into but it's more of an occasion type of place.

                    1. If you can't make it out to Chalmette, I highly recommend O'Delice on Magazine St. for your cake. A wonderful vietnamese woman runs the whole operation and everything she bakes is exceptional.

                      There are so many great restaurants in town this is a really tough choice for you.
                      Personally I think CP is too stuffy. I would go for something with a nice courtyard. It's not always cold in November here. Or maybe 1179! It's so romantic, the chef will do a special tasting menu if you ask sometimes. Search 1179 on these boards. It think it might be just the ticket.

                      1. I do not know about the cake recs., but would also take the word of these folk.

                        For a memorable meal, I'd look at these:

                        Restaurant August
                        Upstairs at Commander's Palace

                        Regardless of where you decide on, please let the front-of-the-house know what a wonderful occasion this will be.

                        Good luck and congratulations, NOLA is a very romantic city,


                        1. Stella for dinner is a very good suggestion. For a wedding cake I can't really help you. I will tell you this: I get my cakes at Dorignac's grocery in Metairie near New Orleans. Their bakery sells cakes for $15 that are so much better than the $60 cakes I get from the fancier bakeries, except Swiss Confectionery. I have had very good ones there.

                          1. Yet another (nearly )year old post ressurected.

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                                I wonder if they're still getting married? lol. OP hasn't posted since 2007.

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                                  I can't believe this post has been resurected, just as I in the throws of figuring out what to do. We ended up deciding that we wouldn't elope we'd just get married at home in Ohio.... but after having to move the date back almost another year and already battling with family members... looks like NOLA might be back on!

                                  Our 5 year anniversary is coming up on December ..... maybe I'll take him on a surprise weekend to elope!

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                                      Wow, I thought I was pretty good with math, but now I am horribly confused. You posted in '07 about eloping to NOLA. You state that you decided not to, and then had to postpone the ceremony for almost a year. That puts us in '08. Now, you state that your five year "anniversary" is coming up. Is that 5 years of dating/engagement?

                                      Are you still looking for an "over the top" dining experience?

                                      If so, I'd think of three places:
                                      1.) Stella!
                                      2.) The Rib Room
                                      3.) Commander's Palace, table #8 - reserve early and do not take any other table

                                      Sorry for being so dense on the matter of dates and years, but maybe it's just because I'm rather old.