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Dec 17, 2007 06:38 AM

Where to buy food in Park City/Deer Valley Utah area?

We're renting a condo with a full kitchen in Deer Valley over the holidays. This will be our first Christmas away from home, and we want to prepare our traditional holiday meals. Are there any good gourmet stores in the area? In particular, any places that have a good selection of Italian ingredients, such as canned tomatoes and cheese, as well as fresh fish and meat?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Park City has a regular array of gorcery stores including a Wild Oats. Are you planning on driving down to Salt Lake? If so, we do indeed have some specialty stores with which I'm more familiar.

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      Thank you for replying -- I'm not familiar with Wild Oats, is it anything like a Whole Foods? We are planning to drive to Salt Lake, though, and would certainly appreciate any reccomendations you might have.

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        Whole Foods now owns Wild Oats, so they are more alike than ever.

    2. When we were in Deer Valley we used a service that would take grocery orders and deliver them to your condo. Quality was solid. Unfortunately I can't remember the name but maybe the condo manager can help you out.

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        There are 2 supermarkets right in town:
        Albertson's in the strip mall next to The Yarrow Hotel (intersection of hwys 224 and 248)
        The Market at Park City (formerly Dan's) in the Snow Creek strip mall, off of 224, behind the Olympic Welcome Plaza AND next to the new State Liquor Store.
        The Wild Oats market and a Smith's are out at Kimball Junction (the spot you get off of I-80 at).
        I do 75% of my shopping at The Market and the rest at Wild Oats. There are just some things at Wild Oats that are better, like the bread selection, fresh sausages and sushi (a good grab 'n go for lunch).
        Down in Salt Lake, there is Liberty Heights Fresh and the Emmigration Market. You'll have to look them up for their addresses. LHF is a high-end small grocery store, with fabulous cheese. Emmigration has some good breads and prepared foods (fresh and frozen). But, check the Park City markets first to see if you can get all your provisions there before you trek down into the Valley.

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          I'll second the rec for Liberty Heights! Great for cheese and random findings of hard to spot produce (in the summer though), I prefer their bread but that's just me.
          -Liberty Heights Fresh: 1300 South at 1100 East, Salt Lake City: (801) 58FRESH

          As for Emmigration Market, definitely DO NOT go there for staples (you'll pay out the nose for medicore quality i.e. Western Family brand), but DO go for fresh and frozen soups, entrees, deli salads and most importantly their home-made bread pudding.
          -Emigration Market 1706 E 1300 S Salt Lake City, UT Phone: (801) 581-0138 ...

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            I know I'm a bit off topic now, but regarding Emigration Market, seriously how good is their Chili Colorado? I can't believe how long people are willing to wait on Sunday mornings for breakfast at Eggs in the City when across the street they can have some of the best Huevos Rancheros in town. Just thinking about it I wish it was the weekend . . .

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              There are four main grocery stores in Park City, Utah. Smiths and Whole Foods are out at Kimball Junction. The Market at Park City (Dan's Foods) and Albertson's are in town about 1 mile from the base of PCMR. There is also the Fairweather Foods Market which is a smaller specialty foods store. I recommend using a grocery delivery service like so that you don't have to fight the crowds in the stores. They do charge a delivery fee but its really not that bad when you consider the convenience of checking into your condo and already having it stocked and ready to go for your vacation.

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                Why isn't there a small market on or near Main Street? I tried to buy a hunk of cheese from the little deli just off Main street that makes great sandwiches, and they said they don't sell it because they don't have a scale! Seems like an opportunity to me...just a little market with the essentials. Just a thought.

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                  The rents on Main Street are too expensive for a small market. Albertson's isn't all that far away, and the free bus goes there from Main Street. I think the Red Banjo Pizza on upper Main Street at one time had a small convenience store, but it didn't get much business. A friend and her husband tried to have a small gourmet store by the old State Liquor store and it didn't get much business, either.

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              Additionally, consider Tony Caputo's Market in downtown Salt Lake City (300 West 300 South) for marvelous Italian and Mediterranean foods, a superb cheese and chocolate selection (including chocolates from Chocolatier Blue, an exclusive supplier to top-end restaurants like Charlie Trotter and French Laundry), and wonderful house-cured salamis.