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Foodie shopping destinations in Midtown?

We're headed to Times Square (I know, I know) for the Xmas weekend in the city, and I'm already working on a list of food shopping nearby for my last day, with goodies to bring back home. I've already got Amy's Bread (9th ave and 46th), Maison du Chocolat (30 Rock) and Garrett's Popcorn (5th Ave and 46th) on my list. I'd love to get to Fairway or Zabars, but I think it's too far to walk, and I'm short on time. Any recommendations for places to get olive oil, great coffee beans, breads or cupcakes, decent bagels, french pastries, or anything else you'd suggest?

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  1. If you're going to be at Ninth and 46th, you could get cupcakes at Cupcake Cafe, 545 Ninth between 40th and 41st. And if you're going to be at Rock Center, you could try the Dean and DeLuca outpost there for coffee, muffins etc. But basically, midtown isn't a great food-shopping area. And yes, it'd be a hike to Zabar's or Fairway. A short subway ride though.

    1. It is a bit of a walk up to Fairway and Zabar's (but only a quick subway ride, as NYCkaren says). It's totally worth it.

      But along 9th Ave there are a couple of things ... Poseiden Bakery (between 44th & 45th for amazing bird's nests, baklava, and other Greek specialties - I highly recommend); Little Pie Company (43rd between 9th & 10th - I'm not as big a fan as others); and if you're going really west, there's the H&H Bagel big factory location (42nd and 11/12th, I think - I love these bagels).

      1. Sullivan Street Baking Companyis on 47th between 10th and 11th.

        But I'm with the others -- take the train up to Fairway or Zabar's, or better yet, a cab. You'll

        Of course if you were walking, you could always stop into Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center, and then Jacques Torres on West 74th. Or Grom. Or Grandaisy.

        1. If you're stuck in that area hop on the shuttle for a quick trip to Grand Central and go to the Grand Central market. They have Murray's cheese and there is also an olive oil store in the station that's pretty good. Downstairs there is a Juniors if you want to bring home a cheesecake or some black & whites.

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            I second the olive oil store in Grand Central. I think it's called Oliver's & Co. They offer a duo of orange infused orange olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar for salad dressing or whatever. It tried it in the store and fell in love. So I got this for my uncle for Christmas and have almost opened his gift 3 times. I've been daydreaming about the combination of this certain oil oil with this certain balsmic ever since. It is the best. Seriously. You will not believe how good it is.

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              Is the Grand Central Market open every day?

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                Yup, open everyday. Not sure until what time, but I know it's fairly late (until at least 8pm).

          2. You can also go to the Oren's outpost in Grand Central for freshly roasted coffee beans. They're right across from the Murray's station.

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              take the 7th Ave subway to 72nd Street and Broadway
              Visit Grey's Papaya for the BEST hotdogs + drinks
              Walk 2 blocks north to Fairway
              Then walk another 2 blocks north to Beard Papa for the BEST creme puffs
              Then walk up to 81st Street to Zabars
              When finished there, board the downtown subway at 79th Street
              back to where you started

              Very easy

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                Perfect outline. I'd add -- 74th St (Amsterdam) for Jacques Torres, 75th St (Bway) for Citarella, and 80th St (Bway) for H&H Bagels. There's also Grandaisy and Grom right there too.

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                  Excellent suggestions, but I'll be lucky to have an hour total to sneak away. Bouchon Bakery looks intriguing. Is it worth the $$? Also, is there anything else in/near TWC?

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                    If you're going to the UWS you can't leave without Levain cookies. 74th & Amsterdam.

              2. You might want to consider taking a taxi to Chelsea Market. Amy's Bread, Sarabeth's, etc.

                1. One of the greats is International Foods on 9th and 40th, west side of street. If you can purchase fresh foods, you must get their taramasalata and yogurt. They also sell bulk spices for low prices. And all sorts of Greek and Mediterranean things..

                  There is an Amish market on 9th as well...if you do not get to Fairway, they might have some decent oil..
                  If you get to Fairway, make sure to buy the olive oils labeled for the store...I think these are one of their best bargains!

                  1. I think there is also a Teuscher in Rockerfeller Center and I love their champagne truffles. My favorite coffee beans are sold at Bottega del Vino on 59th between Fifth and Madison, and they also have pannettone (sp?) this time of year.

                    1. If you are hitting Hell's Kitchen, you should definitely think about going slightly further west to 10th-11th Aves, specifically for 20+ types of biscotti at BiscoLatte and the extremely addictive pizza bianca at Sullivan Street Bakery.

                      1. I want to second the recommendation for Poseiden...I pass Zabars on my way there whenever I have a party. The Spanakopita, Tyropita, Baklava and Kourambiethes among other Greek pastries both savory and sweet are fantastic and always requested by repeat guests. Don't misunderstand, Zabars is great but Poseiden is from a dying breed of ethnic family businesses that have been producing top quality products for many decades. If we bypass them for the gourmet megamarkets we won't have the few remaining much longer....

                        1. I third Poseidon (spanikopita mmmmmmmmm) and second Sullivan St. Bakery for the rosemary potato pizza (ooooooooooo). But you must skip Zabar's and go instead to Barney Greengrass for his majesty's sturgeon (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh). Also i'd add Artisanal for their retail cheese shop on 32nd and Park.

                          1. On 49th between 5th and 6th, (right by rockefeller) There is also a Japanese wagashiya (traditional Japanese confectionery) called Minamoto Kitchoan. It is wonderful and they have very beautiful spreads.

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                              That's a great suggestion, I've walked by there before and thought it was a beautiful place. But what do you buy there? I was a bit intimidated the last time I went in--I wasn't sure what to get, and some of the things looked too pretty to eat.

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                                It sounds like you won't be on the East side but if you do decide to get there, don't hesitate to get the finest olive oils around at Fig & Olive in the 60's at Lexington -- a charming tiny walk-down -- that serves up delicious and health conscious Mediterranean fare as well as selling their olive oils.
                                A winner all around!