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Dec 17, 2007 06:00 AM


My wife and I will be in Orlando over the New Years Holiday. We are relocating to the area for business and will be house hunting for a few days.

We are unfamiliar with the area other than our experiences at Disney with the kids years ago.

Recommendations for dinner? I have read several posts regarding The Ravenous Pig. I expect reservations at this time will be hard to manage.

$'s not an issue. Cuisine? We are open to most.

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  1. Forget the Disney area. If you're moving here you might as well start checking out the locals Winter Park (just north of downtown), check out Chez Vincent, Park Plaza Gardens, Roccos, and Cafe de France for non-stuffy creative food in lovely bistro-type environments. The Ravenous Pig is quickly becoming my favorite restaurant in all of Central FL but you're right, it may be too late for reservations....we also love Seasons 52 -- it's chain, but the best one out there in my humble opinion. Downtown O-town, check out Manuals on the 28th.


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      Many thanks Barbara. Reservations set at Chez Vincent.

      1. re: qbdave

        yummmm, chez vincent. beef crepes....yummmmm.

    2. I've been getting e-mails about NY Eve from Luma, a stylish Winter Park restaurant with delicious food. Definitely worth looking into.

      1. Hi gbdave,

        Charlies Steak House in Kissimme is a top rated restaurant. Also check out the local hotel restaurants - like the Swan and Dolphin has 2 or 3 and the Omni Hotel, Champions Gate also has a great restaurant. Just in case - I am a Watson Realtor, Champions Gate if you need someone to show you some houses.

        Catherine Filipello - best of luck and Happy New Years!

        1. I think TRP still has spots, you should check. I also had a great meal last week at Tangs (thai food in Dr Phillps plaza) I think they are open New Years eve.


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            Here's a weird one!

            Got to the Airport Hyatt. They have a NYE package that includes dinner at Hemesphere's the place on top of the airport that has huge windows overlooking the runways. At night the runway lights are lit up making for a spectacular view. They usually start with an apitiezer of your choice then a meat main course,salad and desert. Everything we had was good. Maybe not ravenous pig good, but definitley up there for a hotel. There are several private NYE parties going on through out the hotel. I crashed several parties and danced to a variety of music and didn't have to drive home!!

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              Was at TRP tonight and they are full for New Years eve. Got a email from K in College Park, they still have availability and they have a band(Garland Ross Trio) as well. $75 fixed course meal, should be good...

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                Got an e-mail from Urban Life Management. Kres, Hue and Citrus still have tables, too.