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Dec 17, 2007 05:11 AM

great DC restaurant- suitable for vegetarians

I am looking for somewhere to take our two college-aged kids in DC on Sunday night. I was thinking Blue Duck Tavern but looking at the menu I am not sure there's enough to suit two of our group- who eat fish or vegetarian. We are going to Central on another night. I want something else in this category- mid-priced, "hot" DC restaurants.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Rasika is a hip Indian restaurant which has lots of vegetarian options. Indique Heights too!

    1. a sunday night might be good for Lauriol Plaza. Not the BEST food, but good prices, consistent (at least I think) tex-mex, and I really enjoy their veggie fajitas - they have plantains in them!

      Or you could try Zaytinya/Jaleo - they are both veggie friendly. Again, people here sometimes knock those choices, but I can see young people enjoying them. Zatinya is slightly more dressy.

      Brasserie Beck could also be fun with your kids.

      1. If everyone in your group enjoys fish I would recommend Hook in Georgetown. It's certainly a hot restaurant at the moment and their menu focuses on sustainable seafood. The dishes are simple yet packed with flavor. My dinner at Hook was one of the best meals I had had at a new DC restaurant in a long time.

        Blue Duck Tavern is a great restaurant but I wouldn't necassarily recommend it for vegetarians. Most of their best dishes are meat based. And unless your family members are ok making a meal out of sides (which I know my veggie friends hate) they might be left disappointed.

        Another suggestion would be Butterfield 9. While not totally trendy, they consistantly put out excellent meals. Plus they have a pre-fix vegetarian menu which is quite good. Their food is seasonal, so the items change depending on what's fresh, but you can get a general idea of the vegetarian options from their website.

        I also agree with Jaleo being a good option. At tapas restaurants you can usually find a handful of vegetarian options. And plus---who doesn't like sangria? :)

        1. BlackSalt in Georgetown is another place that has very good seafood, although it may be on the higher end of your "mid-priced" category.

          1. If you really want something "hot" you probably won't be able to get reservations at this late date. This place is unreal in terms of restaurants booking up if they are "hot". You might try: Rasika, which is indian and has many veggie offerings; Indique in Cleveland Park would be a good backup if Rasika is full (which i bet it is). Italian is always a good bet for vegetarians; consider Dino, also in C.P. or Anna Maria's in Dupont. Most nice places will have some fish offerings. Good luck!

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              I 2nd the Dino reservation.

              And another good Indian restaruant is Heritage in Dupont Circle.

              Anna Maria's is decent but not even close to hot. More like a cheapish Italian restaurant that has been around forever. In the same area (Dupont Circle) is another vegetarian friendly Italian restaurant called Sette Osteria which caters to a more "trendy" or "hot spot" type crowd I guess. Pastas and pizzas are pretty good and you can probably still get a reservation.

              1. re: Elyssa

                Yeah you are right...Anna Maria's is definitely NOT hot but it is some of the best southern italian food in this city IMHO. The sign out front shows just how old it is but they've still got it going on! And it's also one of the few places where your salad comes WITH your dinner instead of being an overpriced $5 add on...

                BTW Elyssa did you ever get your answer on the pumpkin spice latte?? That poster kind of left all of us hanging after saying he/she had the perfect place to go...!!!