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7th Annual Dine about Town 2008 - what are you going to try?

The list for DAT is up, what are you going to try? It's from Jan 15-31, 2008.
3-course lunch $21.95; Dinner $31.95


Participating Restaurants
A16 Italian Lunch
Absinthe Brasserie & Bar French Lunch
Americano Californian Lunch and Dinner
Ana Mandara Vietnamese Lunch and Dinner
Andalu Global/International Dinner
Annabelle's Bar and Bistro Californian Lunch and Dinner
Anzu Restaurant Japanese/Sushi Dinner
Asia de Cuba Fusion/Eclectic Lunch
AsiaSF Fusion/Eclectic Dinner
Azie Fusion/Eclectic Dinner
aziza Mediterranean Dinner
B44 Latin/Spanish Lunch and Dinner
bacar restaurant and wine salon American Dinner
Big 4 Restaurant American
Bong Su Restaurant & Lounge Vietnamese Lunch and Dinner
bushi - tei French Nouvelle Dinner
Butterfly Californian Lunch and Dinner
Café Andree Global/International Lunch and Dinner
Café Bastille French Dinner
Café Claude French Dinner
Café de la Presse French Dinner
Campton Place Restaurant Californian Lunch
Cassis French Dinner
Chez Maman Union French
Chez Papa Bistro French Lunch and Dinner
Chez Papa Resto French Lunch and Dinner
Chouchou French Dinner
Chouquet's Restaurant French Lunch and Dinner
Circa Restaurant and Lounge American Dinner
Circolo Restaurant Latin/Spanish Dinner
Colibri Mexican Bistro Mexican Lunch and Dinner
Cortez Restaurant & Bar Mediterranean Dinner
The Cosmopolitan American Lunch and Dinner
Côté Sud French Dinner
Couleur Cafe French
Crustacean Vietnamese
Daffodil American Dinner
Daily Grill Steakhouses
DESTINO Latin/Spanish Dinner
Emporio Rulli Gran Caffè Italian Lunch and Dinner
Farina Focaccia Cucina Italiana Italian Lunch and Dinner
Faz Mediterranean Lunch and Dinner
1550 Hyde Cafe & Wine Bar Mediterranean Dinner
First Crush American Dinner
Fog Harbor Fish House Seafood Lunch and Dinner
Forbes Island American
Foreign Cinema Mediterranean Dinner
Fournou's Ovens Mediterranean Lunch and Dinner
Fringale French Lunch and Dinner
Frisée Californian
Frisson Restaurant Californian Dinner
Garcon Restaurant French Dinner
Garibaldis Mediterranean Lunch and Dinner
Grandviews Restaurant & Lounge American Lunch and Dinner
Horizon American Dinner
Hornblower Cruises & Events American Lunch and Dinner
Jack Falstaff Californian Lunch and Dinner
Joe DiMaggio’s Italian Chophouse Italian Dinner
Kyo-ya Japanese/Sushi Lunch
La Provence French Dinner
Lark Creek Steak American Lunch and Dinner
Le Charm French Bistro French Dinner
Le Colonial Vietnamese Dinner
Le Zinc French Lunch and Dinner
Les Amis French Lunch and Dinner
Lingba Restaurant & Lounge Fusion/Eclectic Lunch and Dinner
luella Californian Dinner
MANGAROSA Italian Dinner
Market Street Grill Californian Lunch
Maxfield's Bar & Grill Californian Lunch
MoMo's American Lunch and Dinner
Namu Fusion/Eclectic
Nua Restaurant and Wine Bar Mediterranean Dinner
O'Reilly's Holy Grail Seafood Dinner
The Oak Room at the Westin St. Francis American Lunch and Dinner
One Market Restaurant American Lunch and Dinner
Oola Restaurant & Lounge American Dinner
Palio d'Asti Italian Dinner
Plouf French Lunch and Dinner
PlumpJack Cafe Californian
Poleng Lounge Fusion/Eclectic Dinner
Ponzu Fusion/Eclectic Dinner
Prana Global/International Dinner
Pres a Vi Global Cuisine Global/International
The Public Resto-Lounge Californian Dinner
Restaurant LuLu French Lunch and Dinner
RNM Restaurant American Dinner
Roe Fusion/Eclectic Dinner
Roots American Dinner
Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine Seafood Lunch and Dinner
Rue Saint Jacques French Dinner
Sauce Californian Dinner
Scoma's Restaurant Seafood
Scott Howard Restaurant Californian Lunch and Dinner
Sens Restaurant Mediterranean Lunch and Dinner
Seven Fifty Restaurant Mediterranean Lunch and Dinner
Straits Restaurant Fusion/Eclectic Lunch and Dinner
supperclub san francisco Fusion/Eclectic Dinner
Sutro's at the Cliff House American Lunch and Dinner
Tommy Toy's Cuisine Chinoise Chinese/Fusion Lunch and Dinner
Umami Japanese/Sushi Dinner
Universal Cafe American
Vitrine - St. Regis Hotel, San Francisco American Lunch
The Waterfront Restaurant Seafood Lunch and Dinner
XYZ American Lunch and Dinner
Zazil Coastal Mexican Cuisine Mexican Lunch and Dinner
Zingari Ristorante Northern Italian Dinner

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  1. thanks for posting this! I don't recall Aziza doing DAT before, and since there is very little I don't like on the menu, I would consider doing that, although if they only include the least expensive items in the choices savings would only be about $2....(more savings if they give free rein).

    I haven't been to One Market in a while but enjoyed it the last time I was there, and the dinner DAT would be a savings there (most entrees are in the mid to high twenties), so that might be my choice...

    ChouChou has a price fixe dinner Sunday through Thursday for $30.95; (according to their website), so this dinner price isn't even a savings (not to mention that I am not a fan of their food). I suspect there is more than one on the list that falls into the category of not really a very good deal...

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    1. re: susancinsf

      Crap. I think I am going to ChouChou with friends for DAT (not my choice -- would rather try Le Colonial, to which I've never been, or Cortez or Sens.) Can you tell me what you disliked/liked about ChouChou's food, so I can prepare myself? Thank you!

      1. re: iwantmytwodollars

        here is my report, more than two years old now. I haven't been back, hope it has improved:


        (I doubt if the DAT is a much better deal than you could get otherwise, however, even if the food is better than it was then)

        1. re: susancinsf

          Yikes. I hope it has improved! Thanks for the heads up.

    2. A couple of places I'd be interested in: Sens, Scott Howard. Oh, and Frisson and maybe PlumpJack. It really depends, though, on whether you get choices off the regular menu or whether they have a special DAT menu, which is usually not worth it and/or not terribly representative of the restaurant's cuisine. As Susan pointed out, a lot of times the DAT menu isn't a savings at all. That's where chowhound really comes in handy!

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      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        Ditto the warning about checking the DAT price against ordering off the menu or regular prix-fix options.

        Also, as it gets closer to January, more restaurats get added to the list.

        Also, clicking on the restaurant link for the DAT site will display the sample menu ... keep in mind it is a SAMPLE menu and YMMV ... A LOT.

        In past years the Hornblower cruise was a huge savings. Not amazing food as one would expect, but good enough to make Chowhounds happy.

        Emporio Rulli for dinner, depending on price, might be a good option as the chef from Valentino's has something to do with the menu and there is a little positive buzz.

        Aziza was on there last year and people were happy. 1550 Hyde is always a good choice ... though need to check the prices.

        IIRC, there was a positive post during one DAT for Tommy Toy's. Its an opportunity to check out off places like that where I wouldn't usually spend my bucks ... like Forbes Island ... if one is compelled to go, this is the time ... however the year I went there for DAT it was a bigger bargain than last year. I was not impressed BTW with Forbes. Anyone interested in supperclub ... this might be the chance to try it on the cheap.

        Scoma's is just the regular prix-fixe lunch that they offer year-round

        I'm a little soured on DAT at this point. Too many mediocre meals and the bargains just aren't what they were the first year or two. I'm tired of having to pick through the list to find an actual bargain.

        I tire of the places with the 'DAT' special meal ... green salad, chicken or salmon, creme brule.

        Oh wait ... it doesn't start till Jan 15th this year?

        Dine About Town
        San Francisco, Ca, San Francisco, Ca

        1. re: rworange

          1550 Hyde has a comparably priced prix fixe all year though.

          1. re: Windy

            Yup, 1550 Hyde has a $30.95 Sun-Thu prix fixe all year, so you pay $1 more with DAT. Le Charm, another place with a year round prix fixe that stood out, has a $30 prix fixe every night, so you pay $2 more with DAT. At Scott Howard, if you order the DAT menu a la carte, you'll pay $32. Or you could order whatever you want and pay about the same or even less!

            On the list, the only restaurant that I would be want to try would be One Market, as they have a good DAT menu that represents an actual saving from ordering a la carte. In past years, I always went to Rubicon instead nearby, but now that they no longer appear to participate in DAT, One Market would be tempting.

      2. I'm on a budget this year but I've decided to try Aziza because I've never been. I'd also like to go to Cortez, One Market b/c the menu looks great, and Frisson.

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        1. re: sarvey

          If you're on a budget, I would personally avoid One Market. I haven't been back in a while but I used to end up at business lunches/dinners there fairly frequently. I typically find their menu more appetizing than their food, there's an over-reliance on fats to deliver flavor and anything that can be made sweet ends up too sweet. The worst were some candy-sweet butternut squash ravioli that still haunt me -- in a bad way.

        2. One Market is perhaps the only One Star Michelin rated restaurant participating in DAT.
          Deal or No Deal (to sound like a game show).

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          1. re: boomer13

            In past years, IIRC, One Market has always been a DAT favorite ... though I don't think Michelin has a clue and this is hardly a one star restaurant given others passed by.

            1. re: rworange

              I used to work for One Market's accounting office a couple years ago, so I got to eat their food for free every day. After trying every dish they had to offer at that time, I can safely say that their food is consistently good, although yes, a bit heavy especially if you eat it every single day. Since I left though, the restaurant brought in a new chef and the food has gotten better- less rich in fats, and more flavorful. I had a duck breast there last winter that was out of this world. And the pastry chef makes the best sorbets I have ever had. If you like your sweets, definitely give the butterscotch pudding a try- it's the menu item that gets the most recipe requests- and it's on the DAT menu.

              That being said, if you like One Market, you should consider Lark Creek Steak for DAT. It's owned by the same people, and it's just as upscale (if not more) as One Market.

              1. re: Dalyte

                The DAT food was good at Lark Creek except for the radiccihio salad that came along with the steak, it was way too bitter for me to eat.
                Just a FYI - do not go to Kyo-ya for DAT lunch. First, even with a reservation, they ran out of the DAT lunches and when we got the food that was similar to the DAT lunch, the salmon was dry and cold and it wasn't enough food to be an appetizer let alone a complete lunch. Wasn't worth the wait or the money.

                Has anyone tried Waterfront DAT yet? We're planning on going tomorrow.

                1. re: lobsterlover

                  Funny. I went to DAT at Kyo-Ya twice because I loved it so much. The octopus seaweed salad was surprisingly flavorful (as soon as I got over eating whole little octopus). The hamachi and ahi sashimi was fresh and delicious. The best part was the butterfish, which was moist, full of flavor and memorable. I was so stuffed that when I returned the second time, I didn't finish my butterfish and got to enjoy it for lunch with some rice the next day.

          2. Does anyone have a recommendation for a restaurant on the list with a strong Seafood menu in addition to their DAT menu? Looking to take some friends visiting from Southern Cal. Looking for a nicer/fancier atmosphere.

            1. Went to Le Amis for lunch on the first day of DAT. The menu offered was different than the sample. 1st course is the butter lettuce salad or the cauliflower soup w/ caviar. can't offer much comment as i never fond of cauliflower but ordered it for the warmth. gotta say that the caviar really add a layer of complexity and flavors. 2nd course, roasted chicken with sauteed spinach and pine nuts or sole fillet w/ mashed potatoes. my coworker enjoyed the fish but wish it is bigger. The chicken is overcooked, not tender and not juicy. Dessert was profiteroles or chocolate mousse cake w/ poached pear. The profiteroles came in three bite size puff and strong espresso ice cream dressed. I had the chocolate mousse because I always have a weak spot for poached pear. I knew the poached pear was not the feature item, but it still shock me to find the four piece of pears were smaller than the nail of my little finger. sorry that i had to complain, otherwise, the mousse cake is the best out of the entire meal. very chocolaty and mixing with the poached pear and the crumbles add much textures to the dish. It is an average decent meal but would particularly recommend to anyone.

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              1. re: maoliu

                I went to Les Amis for their usual price fixed menu (not DAT). I thought the portions were very small. My friend was still hungry when we left. Considering we spent close to $100 per person (got a bottle of wine) for the meal, I dropped this restaurant from my list.

              2. Le Colonial dinner is a much better bargain comparing to my lunch experience at Le Amis. 1st course was Cha Gui (crispy spring roll) vs Canh Tom Hum (lobster and curry coconut soup). The soup was delicious with strong curry and lemongrass flavor. Wonderful contrast to the lobster and crab meats were very fresh and sweet. It was a decent amount of lobster meats. (forgot to mention that the server poured the soup into our serving bowl at the table). 2nd course was roasted chicken w/ butternut squash purees or a veggie curry. The chicken dish came out with the exact same presentation as Le Amis. I was so glad that I did not order it. But, I did get a taste and found that quite juicy. The coconut flavor was much stronger in the curry, which served with two slices of mango, eggplants, and many many fried cubes of sweet potatoes and tofu. The serving was huge and quite addicting. Finished the whole plate with the exception of the fried tofu. They used the 'lo' tofu and yet it didnt soak up the curry sauce. So, it was rather tasteless and bland. The curry came with a huge bowl of rice that my friends, who ordered the chicken, were all digging in. It was an enjoyable evening with music from the upstairs lounge area. The DAT is a good value.

                1. We had a lovely dinner tonight at La Provence. Hadn't realized they were participating at DAT, but the three-course menu was a good selection: we chose duck rillettes with pistachio, walnut bread, and apricot jam, bouillabaise, and an exceptional molleux with cherry sauce and creme anglaise. It was all delectable. We did everything but lick the plates.

                  In addition, we shared the salade Niçoise (not traditional but highly recommended for everything from the pesto on blue potatoes to perfectly coddled egg), filet mignon of lamb (perhaps the best lamb I've had this year), and ravioli filled with rabbit, as well as a bottle of wine.

                  I've been reading Julia Child's My Life in France, which made me crave bouillabaise. It did not disappoint, and the toasts with saffron aioli were a fine touch. It's been too long since I had dinner at Provençe, the perfect spot for an intimate dinner on a cold, rainy night.

                  The DAT menu was a sweet incentive--it basically gives you a free dessert. But prices are otherwise modest, and food was exemplary, particularly when compared to lunch at One Market earlier in the week.

                  La Provence
                  1001 Guerrero St, San Francisco, CA 94110

                  1. Our first choice was One Market for DAT, but after seeing their menu, we were totally uninspired to go... http://www.onlyinsanfrancisco.com/din...

                    So, we headed to Jack Falstaff instead, which we never would have considered otherwise. We were pleasantly surprised by the service, DAT selection, and decor. I'd highly recommend it.

                    (The Fried Chicken Breast w/Barley & Braised Cabbage is pictured.)

                    1. Went with three other friends to Aziza for DAT and were bowled over by how great it was. Firstly they had a great menu of about a dozen appetizers, seven entrees and four desserts to choose from.

                      For appetizers we had the spreads with flatbread (hummus, yoghurt and gypsy pepper - the last two were outstanding), wild mushrooms in phyllo pastry, canelloni beans in a cheesey tomatoey baked dish (reminded us of really good lasagna except the beans were not mushy but crisp yet tender!!) and the cardoons salad-y dish (not particularly memorable)

                      For the main course, three of us had the couscous (two non-vegetarian and one veggie version) and the fourth had the lamb shank. We shared bits of everything and I have to say the couscous was a great blend of flavors and textures (raisins and almonds(?) and beautiful plump prawns, juicy cubes of chicken breast, mildly spicy sausage and a yummy lamb stew over fine couscous that soaked up all the flavors!!) The lamb shank was falling off the bone, no need for a knife, yet substantial and flavorful - with prunes and an excellent side of barley which was almost like lentils in consistency.

                      The desserts were amazing as well - although we were very very full by then. We tried one of each of the desserts, chocolate custard with sesame cookie, a fruit plate (beautiful dates and almonds and mandarin oranges?), cardamom ice cream with a pear galette and an absolutely delicious honey mousse with tiny cubes of a prosecco-chili gelee in it.

                      We were quite delighted with everything we ordered, not to forget the drinks at the beginning, including a ginger drink with gin, a tomato drink with vodka, a lavender drink and a tarragon drink with cachaca! All in all it was an absolutely great meal for $32 each before taxes and tips or drinks. The service was gracious, they read our minds by bringing us some harissa to add some more spice to the couscous (it didnt need it - we just like heat :)) and best of all were the absolutely amazing choices that were available for the DAT menu unlike the usual choice between chicken breast and short ribs or salmon... Please go!!

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                      1. re: jhinky

                        I went to Aziza last weekend for the DAT. We had a group of 8 so they told us it would have to be "Family Style." We weren't sure what to expect, but the generally positive reviews made me feel that it was worth it to let them choose for us. We were brought four different things for each course, and even though I didn't see the DAT menu until we left, I think everything we had was on there.
                        First Course:
                        goat cheese with tomato jam - jam was VERY sweet, but goat cheese was delicious
                        spreads - we loved these but I was mildly irritated that there was an additional charge for more bread that wasn't mentioned at all. We didn't get menus because of the "FS" thing, so it would have been nice if our (otherwise fantastic) server had said something like "Of course we can bring more bread, but there's a small charge."
                        beans with feta - I agree with jhinky that it was like lasagna! Really delicious.
                        meatball & grape skewers - so surprisingly good. Everyone I mentioned this to has been put off by the grape part, but it worked! Perfect meatballs.

                        Second Course:
                        chicken brochettes - white meat chicken, peppers, & onions on skewers
                        lamb shank with barley & prunes
                        prawn tagine
                        vegetable couscous
                        We enjoyed all of these. My favorite was the lamb, but I thought the lamb + barley was too sweet, so I ate more of the couscous with the lamb than barley.

                        cardamom ice cream with pear tart
                        almond cake with carrot ice cream
                        grapefruit sorbet with goat cheese stuffed date
                        honey mousse with grapefruit chunks & prosecco gelee

                        I think the desserts were all good, but the almond cake was fantastic.

                        We also tried a few of the special cocktails - cucumber, almond, blood orange, & Meyer lemon - my friends couldn't wait to try and replicate the flavors at home.

                        I'll return to Aziza any time, especially to try the basteeya.

                        1. re: whiffoflemon

                          hmm...I've asked for and been brought extra bread/pita for the spreads and have never been charged (thought it wasn't DAT, but I don't think that should make a difference). I think I would have said something when the bill came.

                          I've had almond cake there before and yes, it was really great. Thanks for the report back!

                          5800 Geary Blvd., San Francisco, CA 94121

                          1. re: susancinsf

                            When I was scanning the menu (a couple of my friends like to collect them and asked to keep the DAT menus they saw at the host stand) I saw that they do list a charge for more grilled bread. Believe me, I'm one to complain if I'm unhappy, but because everything else was so great, I just left it as something I wish they'd done differently, and left with a happy stomach.
                            Just to clarify for others, they did bring their regular bread twice at no charge, but the spreads really have to be eaten with the great grilled bread.

                            1. re: whiffoflemon

                              just for further clarification, I was there last night, and grilled flatbread is listed as $3 on the menu; that may be new or perhaps I just got lucky not to be charged in the past (the menu also indicates that the spreads dish includes flatbread, presumably just the first order). We didn't order it last night btw, didn't have the spreads (which I agree call for the flatbread) and we had plenty of other delicious bread brought at no charge for the dishes we did order...

                      2. So far we've tried Aziza which is as great as everyone's been describing, we had meat balls (I think they were made with lamb) skewered with grapes on top of jicamas and lamb riblets for appetizers. For the main course, we had the chicken couscous (great as usual) along with the cod wrapped in cabbage. Both of the entrees were very good, although the cabbage was a bit hard to cut open, but the cod was heavenly, cooked to perfection, perfectly tender and juicy which was quite rare in my experience. For dessert, we had the black cardamom ice cream with hibiscus syrup, pear galette cookie and the orange blossom honey mousse with citrus & mint, prosecco-chili gelée which we cleared off the plates in no time. The desserts were very memorable, and to me, desserts have monumental importance as the finishing note of a great dinner. I would say AZIZA is a must-go for DAT or any other time.

                        We also tried Frisson. The interior of Frisson is quite chic, retro-spacy theme. However, the food was good, but not extraordinary. There were only two choices for each course, so we had one of each. The appetizer soup and crab cakes were too salty. For the entree, we had cod and braised beef if I remember correctly. I think these were better than the appetizer, but still not outstanding. It feels like they concentrated too much on plating instead of perfecting the taste. One interesting thing about the restaurant was the coed bathroom that's accessible by elevator, overhead people saying that it was like the Ally McBeal kinda place where things happened.

                        We went to Les Amis yesterday and it was again a wonderful memorable experience. As usual, we requested the corner booth where it provided us a more intimate experience as well as a view of the entire dining room and the small window that looks into the kitchen (where we saw Chef Thomas Weibull hard at work). The sommelier/host was extremely knowledgeable and matched us with wine-by-the-glass that matched the main courses like "ying and yang" (as quoted from the sommelier). He was very helpful and brought us tastes of the wines he recommended since he wanted us to be comfortable with the choices, even though we were just ordering glasses! (We had a glass of Pinot Gris and a glass of Cairanne from France. They even split the glasses into half glasses each for the two of us.) They had Salad of Baby Lettuces with Herb and Champagne Vinaigrette and Cauliflower Soup with Lemon Creme Fraiche and American Sturgeon Caviar to start with. The salad was just ok, but the soup with caviar had a pretty rich, complex blend of flavors that I enjoyed. The main courses were Olive Oil Poached Loch Duart Salmon with shaved fennel and baby potato salad and dill creme fraich and Braised Beef Short Rib "Boeuf Bourguignon" with truffled potato puree, braised carrots, pearl onions and baby turnips. These are not as innovative kind of courses as the Aziza entrees, but they were definitely executed flawlessly, and the wines contributed to the flavors. For dessert, we had the profiteroles with espresso ice cream and warm chocolate sauce and orage-caramel marmalade and dark chocolate mousse with five-spiced walnut crumble and caramel poached pear. At this point, we were one of the two tables left in the restaurant and our server brought us each a glass of Spanish Champagne (they said, for our special guests, I'm not sure why) on the house which wasn't even on the wine list, couldn't remember the name, but he said that it was one of the first places to produce champagne in Spain even tho it couldn't be called champagne. Overall, it was a great food experience paired with impeccable service. Definitely recommended DAT stop as well!

                        We're planning to try out One Market next week for our last DAT stop. Hopefully it'll be as good! I'll probably post some pictures of the food later.

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                        1. re: liujenny

                          Here are the addresses...

                          5800 Geary Blvd., San Francisco, CA 94121

                          Frisson (CLOSED)
                          244 Jackson St, San Francisco, CA 94111

                          Les Amis
                          568 Sacramento St, San Francisco, CA 94111

                        2. I'm going to an event in Civic Center Wednesday -- any thoughts on Sauce for DAT? Any other DAT recs in that area?

                          3 Replies
                          1. re: Ruth Lafler

                            Maybe walk up to Destino. Sauce seems like a hard place to spend $32 on a regular night.

                            1. re: Windy

                              Yeah, looking at the menu, if you go the small plates route it seems like you might. The retail value of what's on the Sauce DAT menu does work out to about the "free dessert" level. Funny, I thought about Destino, too. I'll have to ask my friend what he's in the mood for (and it might depend on the weather as well).

                              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                                Sauce is not worth the price on any night, DAT or not. The food is subpar.

                          2. looking forward to my aziza reservation on wednesday. i'm a little confused as to how they handle the DAT menu. Is it a set menu? or do they just bring out whatever is available? does it change?

                            2 Replies
                            1. re: nicedragonboy

                              I'm not sure if it changes. I had read in previous years that you were able to choose anything on the menu for DAT.
                              When I went last weekend, we were served family-style because our group was large. I saw the DAT menu on my way out though, and it had about 10 1st course options, 8 2nd course options, and half a dozen desserts on there. I think that still comprises most of the menu.
                              I just went and skimmed over the online menu they have posted on the site, and I would say about 75% of that is on the DAT menu. The biggest missing item is the basteeya.
                              Given that most of the restaurants only seem to offer two choices for DAT, Aziza looks more and more like a bargain!

                              1. re: nicedragonboy

                                I had the DAT menu at Aziza last week. There were about six first courses to choose from and five second courses and four desserts. A large selection and yes, the item missing on the DAT menu was the basteeya. I particularly liked the scallop second course. Our table had mixed feelings about the fish second course. Other than that, we were happy with the whole meal. I'm not sure the DAT represents a huge discount over a typical meal there, but it's nice way to have a prix fixe.

                              2. hi =)

                                we did dat at andalu and we were confused. we ordered one thing each from the first course, second course, and third course just like the other restaurants... so we had 2 things, but then ordered 2 things off the menu...

                                but apparently towards the end of the meal, we found out that actually you get everything on their dat menu for $32 per person. i thought that was a better deal because you get a better sampling... and apparently, the more people you bring the more you get on the menu...

                                i liked it...

                                funny post re the frisson bathroom. i don't remember anything about the food, just the bathroom...

                                1. Well, all the positive lunch recs for Sens made me cave in and give the DAT menu a try. We went for dinner. In all the years of DAT this was probably the best I've had.

                                  This is the problem with DAT being two weeks. By time word gets out ... it is over ...

                                  Well, one night left and for reference next time. Not only great food and good service but an ACTUAL DAT deal ... one of the options would have been $43 off the regular menu, so a deal for $31.95 ... However, if you choose all of the lowest priced options, you'd only save a few bucks.

                                  Starter choices (prices from regular menu listed *** what we selected)

                                  - Seasonal Chicories 8
                                  sweet herbs, pomegranate, orange blossom honey - coriander vinaigrette
                                  *** Sea Bass Kofte (not on menu)
                                  celery root, bulgur wheat, smoked yogurt & pickled scarlet turnips
                                  *** Grilled Vitelloni Tongue 10
                                  yellow eye beans, green olives & preserved lemon

                                  *** Market Casserole 17
                                  stuffed vegetables, spiced tomato sauce,halloumi cheese, baked in wood oven
                                  - Wolfe Ranch Quail 24
                                  bastourma, chickpea crepes & broccoli rabe
                                  *** Mint Pappardella 19
                                  braised octopus, lemon zest & citrus-glazed feta

                                  Desserts (not on online menu, but in the 8 - 9 range)
                                  *** Cool Milk Chocolate Cream
                                  Chocolate - almond salad and sour cherry marmalade
                                  *** Citrus!
                                  Mandarinquat marmalade, lebne cheesecake, Moroccan almond "crust" & mandarin supremes

                                  It came with delicious bread and some sort of whipped ricotta tasting spread in olive oil.

                                  Someone asked about DAT with veggie options and tha Market Casserole would have been a great choice along with seasonal chicories to start.

                                  For all others that grilled vitelloni tonuge was like velvet ... this ain't your taco truck lengua.

                                  Shana's desserts, as always, made me very happy.

                                  4 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA 94111

                                  1. Joining the chorus of accolades, I had an amazing time at Aziza last night. It was my first time to Aziza and I can definitely see myself going back again. I went with 3 friends which seems to me a good number of folks to go with if you intend try a lot of different dishes and everyone is happy with sharing. The DAT menu we received seemed almost as long as their regular menu. Over 10 starters available, 8 mains and 4 desserts. wow! Service was excellent and the food. oh the food. braised beef with cauliflour was melt in your mouth buttery tender. As was the lamb shank. huge prawns and they made the only version of couscous that I've actually liked. for starters we had the cananelli beans, goat cheese/tomato jam crostini, variety of spreads with flatbread, and lamb sausages of which the sausages and goat cheese were favorites though all were liked. great flavors and presentation and generous portions throughout the night.

                                    Curious, has anyone tried their regular $50 prix-fix?

                                    1. I would like to report that our final DAT stop at One Market was quite disappointing. The duck breast and scallop entrees were good, but definitely not something i would expect out of a Michelin one-star restaurant. The scallops were a bit overcooked in my opinion. We had a caesar salad and a mushroom soup for appetizers, but the caesar salad was pretty plain while the mushroom soup had a bit of an Asian influence. Both desserts were just WAY too sweet. In addition, we expected the service to be on a certain level when they require an 18% tip. Although I knew that from reading CW, they didn't even mention it, nor did I find it listed on the DAT menu. The server was around and courteous, but didn't really seem professional when we asked about what ingredients were in a dish and seemed sort of distant and felt like he didn't really care (was it because he knew he was getting 18% for sure?). Anyhow, the kitchen is really open and fascinating to look at. Overall, I wouldn't visit One Market again, especially if I have to pay the original prices!

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                                      1. re: liujenny

                                        If the service charge is only for DAT customers, it's effectively a 3% surcharge on prices. This seems wrong (and possibly illegal). And I have no objection to service charges in general, provided they're disclosed.

                                        1. re: Windy

                                          On the menu, I only remember reading that there's a 18% service charge automatically added for groups of 6 or more (or perhaps it was another number). It annoyed me that they didn't tell me and that the service was below par.

                                          Another note about the service, we had one server take the order, bring us our first glasses of water and bring us the check. But then we had different people bring the appetizer and then another different person with the entrees, and so on. Is this normal at One Market? I guess I'm just used to the same person do most of these things. I had requested water with no ice in the beginning which they did remember, but then throughout the dinner, different people came to fill the glass, all filled with ice. I suppose that's one of the key problems with the service along with what I mentioned above.

                                          1. re: liujenny

                                            i'm sorry that you had a bad experience. i've actually never been there but it was on my list of restaurants to try out.

                                            i'm a bit curious about the 18% service charge though with the previous poster's comments.

                                            i'm expect 15-18% service charges on group dining, like you mentioned parties of 6 or more.

                                            is that what you had? or did they just charge an 18% surcharge just because? i'm sorry if i'm a bit fuzzy. it's been a looong week at work...

                                            thanks for the review though!

                                            1. re: liujenny

                                              so, are you saying you were less than a party of six? The One Market website says:

                                              "An 18% gratuity will be added to all parties of seven or more."

                                              1. re: susancinsf

                                                Sorry, I guess I forgot to mention it was just me and my boyfriend. I think it was mentioned in another thread or somewhere that people were told that they would charge 18% service charge for those who chose to go with the DAT menu. Although I was prepared for this since I knew, I was irked that I wasn't actually informed at the restaurant. It would come as quite a surprise if I weren't a CW reader!

                                                1. re: liujenny

                                                  It does seem unfair to charge service charge for small groups only if getting the DAT. Particularly if you aren't warned about it before ordering and it isn't mentioned on the menu. Like Windy, I wonder if it is even legal to do so if it isn't mentioned in writing, or where the menu presumably says something different (presumably the menu at One Market says the same thing as the website does, which is that it is charged for larger groups)...Is it possible that the servers dislike DAT and complained about it because it reduces their tips (at least at higher end places like One Market where DAT really is a savings of more than a dollar or two at most)?. I do remember that when I went to Rubicon for DAT (another place where it truly is a savings over regular menu prices) the server definitely did NOT seem like a happy camper....

                                                  Like Windy, I don't have a problem with including the service charge IF it is mentioned. However, if it isn't mentioned there is potential both for arbitrary or even discriminatory application of the rule, as well as for confusion on the part of the diner.

                                                2. re: susancinsf

                                                  hhc and I had an 18% service charge added to our DAT lunch. I thought at the time that all customers were handled the same way or we might have said something.

                                          2. So, has anyone tried Horizon Restaurant and Lounge for the DAT? We're planning on going there tonight.

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                                            1. re: lobsterlover

                                              We tried Horizon on Broadway during the June DAT, it was the worse food we ever had. First, they said the menu on the website was last years and weren't serving the steak - so do they change it, no! I told them my husband does not eat fish so they compromised but only let him order it. I get the portabello mushroom on polenta. It was the worse combination of polenta w gorgonzolaI ever tasted.