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Dec 17, 2007 05:07 AM

Alsacian restaurant in Decatur-- an good? Or another dinner rec...

Hey there,
My in-laws live in Decatur and my husband and I will be spending Christmas with them. We want to leave our 4-month old at home and go out for a romantic, not too, too pricey meal (for us that would be mains in the 15-25 range). I like Alsacian food and have often seen a restaurant in Decatur that serves it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about, if it's still there, and if it's any good?

I'd also take any other dinner recommendations. Someplace cozy and good for a romantic winter meal... We like all kinds of food.


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  1. You are talking about Cafe Alsace, and I'm pretty sure it's still open.
    Haven't been in a year or so, but it's pretty good for what is it. Fun little place and not expensive.

    "Someplace cozy and good for a romantic winter meal..." I think of Babette's in the Highlands, not too far from Decatur.

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      Yum! Babette's looks perfect.Thank you for the tip.

    2. Cafe Alsace is still there and I am a big fan - really a warm, cozy atmosphere - I like Babettes too, but try C.A. as well - I don't think you'll be disappointed