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Jun 12, 2000 04:51 PM

Lunch In Burbank

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Help! I've just started a new job today in Burbank and I've been warned by co-workers that it's a Koo Koo Roo world over here. Not that I hate Koo Koo Roo, I am a big fan of the creamed spinach, but I need to have lunch everyday and that's not gonna cut it. Any suggestions? Also, there's gonna be a lot of ordering in, how about some tips on best take-out in Burbank?

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  1. On Riverside in Toluca Lake: Yamakawa for sushi
    Across from NBC on Buena Vista: Ribs USA for great lip lickin ribs and mac & cheese (and a decent grilled shrimp salad when you're not feeling so decadent) and Poquito Mas for great fresh Mexican on an outdoor patio (this was this first place I indulged in that crazy new "fresh" Mexican fad 10 years ago, so I'm kinda attached)
    Across from Warner Bros: The one, the only Smoke House - great for after work martinis and cheese bread and jazz. You could even stay for an pretty dern good old fashioned steak.

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      And don't forget Don Pepe on Riverside! Red vinyl booths, white stucco walls and Mexican food that looks, smells and tastes like Mexican food oughta! Great margaritas, too. (Just don't have too many at lunch.) Not like that Mary Sue and Susan "mexi-cal." Lard rules!!!

    2. For days when your stomach is feeling really strong, there's Chili John's, the place that my husband most misses since we moved out of the LA area 2 1/2 years ago. As the name implies, the main, and practically only, attraction is chili in several variations, none of them low fat, but all quite tasty.

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        Hey! You can always get the chicken chili at Chili John's, although I can't see why you would. And the extra little fillip there is, come to think of it, the splash of orange grease the cook ladles off the top of the chili pot and puts into your bowl. Never mind.

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          Chili John's is closed until September! What a bummer that is!

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          A real specialty house.

          If you want less grease, ask for your chili "dry."

          By the way, when I complained my chili over spaghetti was a bit salty, they claimed they use NO salt, only various spices.

          They close down during part of the summer -- sometime in June and/or July I think.

        3. No fair! Koo Koo Roo, like all of the yucky LA trends, started on the Westside. Burbank is one of those cities with real well preserved postwar type businesses. The Toluca Lake area is swarming with Hollywood people, so there's probably something "elegant" there. The "city" on San Fernando is brimming with all the popular chains, including Chevy's, which is one I actually like.

          If you're able to drive across the Glendale border, check out Cafe Bravo. It's got yummy Armenian meats for cheap.

          The only area that seems to be pretty lousy is up north near the airport.