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Dec 17, 2007 03:45 AM


Hi Friends - I'm back with another request. We're up to 37 restaurants since moving here in September, and enjoyed most of them, with your help. Now, my wife and I are in the mood for Greek food. I can tell you that in most of the cities we've lived in or visited (including the "famous" Greektown in Detroit), I have not yet found great, authentic Greek food. Either they are pan-Mediterranean, or mediocre, common Greek (spanikopita, etc.). Please tell me, you have a great Greek restaurant or two in Boston. Thanks.

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  1. Greater Boston is short on great Greek food. There are worthy casual places (The Greek Isles, Greek Corner), diners (Steve's, A Grecian Yearning), places with a handful of Greek dishes (Vlora), New American places that occasionally show some Greek influences (Kouzina, Ariadne), but since the closing of Meze Estiatorio (a place I loved), none that I or my first-generation Greek-American friend would call an excellent fine-dining Greek restaurant.

    I'm still wondering if Dionysos will ever return: last I looked, the owners of the Howard Johnson hotel it was located in on Memorial Drive were reflagging it with another hotel brand, and renovating the entire premises.

    1. The closest I can think of to great is Farm Grill in Newton, but the place has little atmosphere, so it's not a great restaurant to go for a leisurely dinner.

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        Thanks anyway! I really do not understand why I have such difficulty finding a great Greek dining experience. Where are the Greek restauranteurs?

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          Meze was a great place in a tough location in Charlestown, and probably too large for its own good. Perhaps the bigger problem is a not large-enough local community of Greek ex-pats or Greek-Americans.

          St. John the Baptist in the South End does regular community buffets in association with various festivals (I've attended a few of these: they're casual affairs with quite delicious home cooking) as do other Greek Orthodox churches in Greater Boston (there's one near Winter Hill in Somerville I've attended several times over the years). Perhaps attending one of those might get you a better line on the Greek restaurant scene here. If you learn anything, please report back!

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            The great Greek restauranteurs opened diners and Greek pizza places. Probably because Greek food didn't sell back in the day. I'd love to find great Greek around here, but my choice, Greek Corner, is just okay. Fine when you need your greek itch scratched, but not a destination really.

            I also like some of the Greek festivals that happen in the summer. People invariably post about them, so keep your eyes open.

            Greek Corner Restaurant
            2366 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140

        2. The Agean located on Arsenal st in Watertown is a very good Greek restaurant. I have been there once and really enjoyed it. My girlfriend and I both started of with a Greek salad that was very tasty, I had the rack of lamb that was perfectly cooked and delicious, it came with rice that had lamb gravy, also very good. She had shrimp and scallop skewers, fresh and delicious. I am new to Greek food (probably because there aren’t too many Greek places in Boston), so im not sure if it is authentic or not but here is there website, you can be the judge

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            I like the Aegean from a comfort food point of view, but it's more of a Greek-American restaurant than anything.

            MC brings up a terrific point. Some of the best Greek food can be found at various church festivals in the area, including the one at the Taxiarchae-Archangels Greek Orthodox Church in East Watertown (on Bigelow Avenue, the same road that Donohue's is on). Other than that, well, it pays to have Greek friends with parents who are good cooks!

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              Food at the Aegean is mostly HORRIBLE. The food is not particularly Greek, and not really very good either. Fish is always way overooked, as often is the meat; pretty much everything is greasy. It does not even smell good when you walk in the door.

              There are few places in Boston that evoke a stronger negative reaction in me then this place. They can't even do decent avgolemono soup.

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                Second Ithaki in Ipswich. It is a little pricy, but the food is great, the service is great and I haven't been able to find anything like it in Boston.

              2. Fram Grill in Newton is one of the better places but not super great. There is a greek family owned little place in Wellesley that has some decent greek food like souvlaki, an excellent Greek salad, fried zucchini etc. Open only for lunch- Maugus (Washington Street). There is a new place that I have not been at the airport in Norwood called Taso's Euro Cafe. Ithaki in Ipswich is more upscale but quite a hike from Boston. The Greek festivals in the spring-summer are good.

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                  I think Maugus is open for dinner Friday nights and has entertainment (live music).