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Dec 17, 2007 03:21 AM

Israel dining questions

My husband and I are going to Israel in March and I have some dining questions. Before I get in to them two things to point out. A. We have been to Israel numerous times and know the country well B. I know eluna and find it very helpful BUT I have been to some very mediocre restaurants which they have give decen reviews (Viaquero for one). Okay now onto the questions:

1) Eilat restaurant suggestions? We haven't been in years. A nice mixture of upscale and casual is appreciate. We are staying at Herod's vitalis but I don't know if the Lawrence restaurant is worth it as we fish in non-kosher restaurant all the time.

2) Has anyone been to spoons or done one of Hila's culinary tours I would love to know if it is worth it. Or can you suggest other interesting culinary tours in Jerusalem?

3) Best hotel to spend shabbat in if you kosher, but moderately religious. Frankly the hotel which has the best shabbat menu. Details are appreciated.

4) Any new (with in the past year) and interesting places in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.

Thanks you for all of your help.

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  1. there is also a Middle East board so you might get more answers there.

    Where will you be for Shabbat? Eilat, Jerusalem or Tel Aviv?

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      I meant shabbat in Jerusalem. Sorry for not clarifying.

    2. Was there for the Hagim. I tried eLuna and it was inconsistent. We were staying near Raanana, and found a few good picks:

      1.) Bruno's in Azrieli Mall- cool NY vibe, full bar, elegant middle-eastern fare
      2.)Alhambra in Yaffo. Lots of celebs keeping a low profile there - impeccable.
      3.) Raanana- dairy Italian - La Toscana.
      4.) Sushi- Yoko Uno in Ramat Gan

      I didn't get to try the kosher Spaghettim near the diamond district but have heard good things.

      1. In Eilat there are many fine fancy restaurants, with "gourmet" type food, but they are all exorbitantly priced. I mean - it's PAINFUL to read the menu, even expecting resort prices. One that's not so high, but very good, is Yakimono - A fine Japanese restaurant, in the Queen of Sheba hotel.

        One of my favorite Eilat restaurants is Denise Kingdom - It's on the north end of the city (all the cab drivers know it). They raise their own fish ("denise" fish. I think it's tilapia or something like it), and serve it fresh, broiled, baked, fried, any way you like it, with simple but good side dishes. They have a few dishes for non-fish eaters, but primarily it's denise fish all the way. Tasty, fresh food, healthy portions, at a very low price compared with most any other Eilat restaurant. Rustic decor. Not fancy at all. Shorts are fine. The staff is very friendly and the place is kid and family friendly. There's even a small playground on the side. And on your way out you can buy some of their fresh fish, boxed, in ice. (Unless you're just going back to your hotel, in which case it wouldn't be a very good idea, unless you have a hibachi that fits in your bathroom sink.)