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Jun 9, 2000 12:50 PM

Searching for Grandmother-safe Restaurant

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Curious to hear people's thoughts on this one:

Where would you take your grandmother to dinner? I love her dearly, but she is not a chowhound; her favorite qualities in a restaurant are warm bread, soft booths, and low prices. And, as she is from the suburbs of Philly, even the "low" prices out here are bound to shock her. (It doesn't even matter if I pay; the prices will still stun her.)

Basically, her favorite food is chicken -- but it better not be fried.

With these wonderfully inclusive criteria in mind, what would people suggest?


To celebrate my fiancee's achievements, we had Panna Cotta at Eurochow followed by Eggplant Parmasean at Allejo's on Lincoln. EuroChow is wonderfully gaudy and tacky, and it seems like their almost-too-subtle Panna Cotta is the best way to appreciate the place. And as for Allejo's, it seems like the absolute perfect family restaurant; the Eggplant was great (though not quite as fried as we like!).

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  1. Why not Alejo's? They have warm bread, chicken,
    and the Westchester location has soft booths.
    Even the prices won't shock her.

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    1. re: Larry

      We are thinking about Alejo's. Our concern was simply that it is too loud and not quite calm enough for her jet-lagged nerves.

    2. I once took visiting out of town relatives of grandmotherly age (from the midwest) to Hamburger Hamlet. They raved about it. They said, "This is so good you must eat here every day." Apparently the food was familiar enough to be comfortable, but different enough to impress them.

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        Barbara Marshall

        Don't know what area you're in, but when my folks visited they always liked the Smokehouse in Burbank. Close to Warner Bros. studio, so they might even see a celebrity! Red leather booths, dim lights, lots of gray-blue hair and an early bird menu with prices around $12 - not TOO shocking for them! Typical American food that's well prepared and recognizable. They also have a Sunday brunch that seniors seem to really like, although it's pretty crowded and reservations are a must.